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Weston Public Library Programs & Events Calendar

Previously-Sent Messages

Subject Date Sent
Weston Public Library: just because Black History Month is almost over...2/23/2024 11:33 AM
WPL: This storm is one for the books...WPL closed 2/132/12/2024 3:54 PM
Weston Public Library: shop crafts for FREE at the AIC1/19/2024 6:26 PM
The Latest Word: The time is always ripe to do right. -MLK1/12/2024 11:16 AM
Weston Public Library: all the stuff you might have missed last year1/5/2024 11:13 AM
Weston Public Library: Your cure for holiday burnout12/7/2023 4:20 PM
Weston COA Community Updates12/1/2023 3:04 PM
Weston Public Library: Is Thanksgiving Eve a thing? It is for us!11/21/2023 12:37 PM
Planning for Caregiving: Where do I Start? How to Initiate the Conversation11/6/2023 3:30 PM
Weston COA Community Updates11/1/2023 1:00 PM
Weston Public Library: come and grab some BOOks10/26/2023 3:14 PM
Weston COA Community Updates10/5/2023 11:31 AM
Weston Public Library: read banned books this week and every week!10/2/2023 1:01 PM
Weston Public Library: Love, peace...and classical music?9/7/2023 11:00 PM
Weston COA Community Updates9/1/2023 11:48 AM
Elliot Bostwick Davis Presents on Edward Hopper at the Weston COA8/28/2023 1:18 PM
Weston Public Library: this school year will be AWESOME8/25/2023 2:59 PM
Weston Public Library: steamy reads for steamy weather7/17/2023 12:47 PM
Weston Public Library: celebrate July 4th with local independent thinkers6/30/2023 11:13 AM
Weston Public Library: read with PRIDE6/16/2023 7:01 AM
Weston Public Library: Summer reading starts TODAY!6/12/2023 1:06 PM
Weston Public Library: We are NOT feeling fine.5/25/2023 9:16 AM
Weston Public Library: "What is 'celebrate'?"5/16/2023 10:46 AM
Nehanda at ArtsEmerson Tickets & Transportation5/9/2023 1:04 PM
Weston Public Library: May the 4th be with you!5/4/2023 4:36 PM
Weston COA Community Updates5/4/2023 10:54 AM
Dementia and Alzheimer's Series Reminder4/19/2023 1:51 PM
Weston Public Library: hot weather, hot books, hot programs.4/14/2023 6:26 PM
Weston Public Library: who doesn't love spring cleaning?3/31/2023 5:30 PM
Weston Water Tank Project- Open Forum- Meeting 3 - Finances3/31/2023 6:53 AM
COA Community Events This Week3/28/2023 11:07 AM
Reminder- Weston Water Tank Project- Open Forums/Meeting tonight!3/21/2023 11:56 AM
Celebrate Weston Saturday, May 20, 2023 11am- 3 pm3/20/2023 10:30 AM
Reminder-Weston Water Tank Project- Open Forums/Meeting Schedule3/20/2023 9:34 AM
Reminder- 2nd Weston Water Tank Project Public Meeting is March 21st3/17/2023 7:54 AM
Weston Public Library: read from a woman's perspective3/10/2023 10:09 PM
Weston COA Announces New Director, Joan Ingersoll3/6/2023 2:39 PM
Weston Public Library: lost and forgotten, but not gone forever.3/2/2023 2:32 PM
Weston School Committee seeks input on Superintendent search3/1/2023 4:44 PM
Reminder: Annual Town Caucus- Monday March 6, 20233/1/2023 11:46 AM
Temporary Fluoride Shutdown- No Action needed by consumers2/25/2023 7:31 AM
Weston Public Library: "We are made by history."2/22/2023 12:51 PM
Weston Water Tank Project- Open Forums/Meeting Schedule2/16/2023 7:30 AM
Attention Residents who used the Mail Drop Box on Colpitts Rd Recently2/13/2023 3:58 PM
Weston Water Tank Project- Open Forums/Meeting Schedule2/13/2023 7:31 AM
Weston Public Library: history is in the making2/10/2023 4:09 PM
Weston Water Tank Project- Open Forums/Meeting Schedule2/8/2023 7:30 AM
Weston Public Library: Love is in the air and it smells like cookies!2/3/2023 10:35 PM
Weston Water Tank Project- Open Forums/Meeting Schedule2/3/2023 7:30 AM
Weston Public Library: stories aren't just for kids (but some are!)1/28/2023 11:21 AM
Weston Water Tank Project- Open Forums/Meeting Schedule1/27/2023 11:15 AM
Weston Water Tank Project- Open Forums Schedule1/25/2023 8:31 AM
Weston Public Library: find your people.1/20/2023 3:47 PM
Weston Public Library: program featuring Pulitzer Prize winner TOMORROW1/17/2023 10:17 AM
New Year, new you, new things to do!1/3/2023 2:41 PM
Covid -19 Test Kits Available at Town Hall while supplies last12/29/2022 7:31 AM
Weston Public Library: ho ho holiday hours and ho ho hokey holiday movies12/22/2022 9:41 AM
Save your pennies and your appetite: FWPL Book and Bake Sale 11/3-11/511/2/2022 12:32 PM
Weston Housing Roundtable - A Community Housing Conversation11/2/2022 6:30 AM
Weston Housing Roundtable - A Community Housing Conversation10/26/2022 6:30 AM
Weston Cultural Council Seeks Grant Applications10/13/2022 6:30 AM
Weston COA Community Updates9/30/2022 5:30 PM
Weston Public Library: Big things are on the horizon...9/30/2022 2:59 PM
Weston Cultural Council Seeks Grant Applications9/29/2022 6:30 AM
Weston Public Library: celebrating the right to read with Gen Z9/19/2022 11:40 AM
Weston Public Library: fall into a new routine.9/2/2022 1:00 PM
Weston Public Library: a summer of reading in review8/25/2022 3:03 PM
Weston Cultural Council Survey - What About Art?8/8/2022 7:01 AM
Weston Public Library: Austen is awesome8/5/2022 2:21 PM
Weston Public Library: If you're fond of sand dunes and salty air...7/22/2022 12:50 PM
Weston Public Library: boredom busters for kids this week at the library7/15/2022 1:45 PM
Weston Cultural Council Survey - What About Art?7/11/2022 7:01 AM
Weston Public Library: summer is too short- don't waste time reading duds!7/8/2022 1:45 PM
Weston Public Library: celebrate July 4th with independent publishers6/30/2022 1:05 PM
Weston Public Library: closing out Pride with content for the whole fam6/24/2022 1:00 PM
Weston Public Library: library hours and a little Juneteenth primer6/17/2022 3:39 PM
Weston Cultural Council Survey - What About Art?6/14/2022 7:00 AM
Weston Public Library: Get excited for Summer Reading!6/10/2022 2:32 PM
Weston Public Library: kick off Pride month with reads in rainbow colors6/3/2022 1:00 PM
Weston Public Library: be email scam and spam savvy5/31/2022 3:20 PM
Weston Public Library: Closed 5/30, but you can still visit our eLibrary5/26/2022 11:38 AM
Celebrate Weston in Town Center Tomorrow5/20/2022 11:23 AM
Weston Public Library: music to your ears. Literally, we have music.5/19/2022 9:45 AM
You are Invited to Celebrate Weston!5/13/2022 9:32 AM
Weston Public Library: don't underestimate the power of pretty5/10/2022 2:40 PM
Weston Public Library: MAY we have your attention, please?!4/29/2022 2:34 PM
Weston Public Library: we want what you want4/22/2022 3:00 PM
Weston Public Library: Happy School Vacation Week!4/19/2022 10:53 AM
Weston Public Library: You want things? We've got things.4/8/2022 1:57 PM
Weston Public Library: Sometimes you just have to get crafty4/4/2022 5:11 PM
Weston Public Library and AIC: We need your feedback!3/29/2022 9:05 AM
Weston Public Library: be HERE or be square3/25/2022 2:50 PM
Weston Public Library: Star of the day, who will it be?3/12/2022 3:04 PM
Weston Public Library: lions and mad women?3/4/2022 9:59 AM
Weston Public Library: welcome to the least exclusive club in Weston.2/25/2022 12:55 PM
Weston Public Library: borrow the internet (yes, the whole internet)!2/18/2022 10:01 AM
Weston Public Library: Valentine or Anti-Valentine?2/11/2022 3:18 PM
Weston Public Library: celebrate Black History Month2/4/2022 11:03 AM
Weston Public Library: can I get that to go?1/28/2022 4:47 PM
Weston Public Library: let's get social!1/24/2022 1:28 PM
Weston Public Library: 2021 was a year for the books...12/30/2021 2:38 PM
Holiday hours, joyous masks, and reserve your peace and quite at the WPL12/22/2021 4:50 PM
Holidays at Weston Library: gift guide, Cookie Fest, and Ho-ho-hoopla12/10/2021 3:44 PM
Weston Public Library: are you good at networking? We are.11/26/2021 11:47 AM
Weston Public Library: engage all your senses at the WPL!11/12/2021 4:22 PM
Weston Public Library: what's better than a book sale?11/1/2021 3:12 PM
Weston Public Library: don't LEAF it to chance, register for Fall programs!10/4/2021 1:46 PM
Books to return? Check! Library card? Check! Mask? Check!9/20/2021 2:46 PM
Weston Public Library: hit the books this September with WPL9/2/2021 3:36 PM
Bo and Bill Winiker Band & Ice Cream August 24!8/19/2021 3:30 PM
Weston Public Library: tons of fun programs on the library lawn8/6/2021 3:18 PM
Weston Public Library Community Survey: we need your feedback!8/2/2021 3:07 PM
Weston Public Library: library programs on the lawn? Don't mind if I do.7/23/2021 2:31 PM
Weston Public Library: put your STAMP of approval on our latest exhibit7/16/2021 12:20 PM
You're Invited to Chalk-a-Palooza: A Community Art Project7/13/2021 4:00 PM
Weston Public Library: Stock up for the long Independance Day weekend!7/1/2021 12:57 PM
Weston Public Library: Cool down at the library and read with PRIDE6/28/2021 10:05 AM
WPL: Summer reading starts, Juneteenth, and getting closer to "normal"6/16/2021 1:30 PM
The WPL Latest Word: Britannia rules the...airwaves?5/21/2021 1:14 PM
The WPL Latest Letter: curbside pickup is now vestibule pickup!5/13/2021 4:21 PM
The WPL Latest Word: Celebrating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month5/10/2021 12:12 PM
The WPL Latest Word: correction- even fresher this time around!4/23/2021 3:34 PM
The WPL Latest Word: enjoy fresh air, fresh reads, and fresh eats4/23/2021 2:42 PM
The WPL Latest Word: the theme is GREEN3/15/2021 3:52 PM
The WPL Latest Letter: now open Saturdays, PJ storytime, race amity program3/3/2021 4:15 PM
Take a break for goodness sake!2/22/2021 4:01 PM
Will you be our Valentine?2/8/2021 8:47 PM
Weston Public Library closing at 12:30 PM today 2/12/1/2021 11:45 AM
More browsing, more Harry Potter, and more fun in The Latest Word.1/29/2021 3:40 PM
Library browsing is easier than ever- no appointment required!1/22/2021 5:16 PM
Library Closed New Year's Day, but a lot to look forward to in January 202112/31/2020 12:42 PM
Weston Public Library Closed Tuesday, 12/1 due to power outage12/1/2020 11:10 AM
The Latest Word: expanded browsing hours and the FWPL BOOK SALE IS BACK!11/9/2020 8:49 AM
Weston Public Library now open for Sunday browsing10/1/2020 4:21 PM
The Latest Word: start the school year off right!9/21/2020 1:29 PM
Upcoming COA Programs to Attend9/15/2020 1:47 PM
The Latest Word: are you the grasshopper that sang all summer?9/3/2020 8:20 AM
The Latest Word: Now Open for 30-Minute Browsing Appointments!8/21/2020 3:24 PM
The Latest Word: Read with PRIDE and Celebrate Independence6/30/2020 1:34 PM
The Latest Word: Expanded Curbside Pickup and Summer Reading6/24/2020 3:30 PM
The Latest Word: inform your discussions on race, equality, and protest6/8/2020 4:24 PM
The Latest Word: Curbside Pickup and our Newest Virtual Book Group5/31/2020 9:58 PM
The Latest Word: Armchair Getaways for Memorial Day5/20/2020 1:01 PM
The Latest Word: DIY indoors and out for kids and adults5/11/2020 9:51 PM
The Latest Word: Introducing a new virtual book group and celebrating mom5/5/2020 5:53 PM
The Latest Word: Cook something up with the Weston Public Library4/27/2020 1:00 PM
The Latest Word: Safe, Comfy, and Creative at Home4/18/2020 12:28 PM
The Latest Word: from page to screen and boredom busters4/10/2020 6:25 PM
The Latest Word: April Showers...4/4/2020 7:31 AM
The Latest Word: Stay Entertained, Learning, and Informed3/30/2020 12:36 PM
The Latest Word: Stay connected with the library from home3/19/2020 1:07 PM
The Latest Word: Special Announcement and Digital Library Services3/13/2020 3:01 PM
The Latest Word: this week at the Weston Public Library 3/8-3/143/6/2020 6:00 AM
The Latest Word: this week at the Weston Public Library 3/1-3/73/1/2020 4:42 PM
The Latest Word: February 2020 Weston Public Library Newsletter1/30/2020 11:03 PM
The Latest Word: January 2020 Weston Public Library Newsletter12/23/2019 12:07 PM
The Latest Word: November 2019 Weston Public Library Newsletter11/8/2019 4:59 PM
The Latest Word: October 2019 Weston Public Library Newsletter10/1/2019 12:36 PM
Upcoming Programs at the Weston Art and Innovation Center9/27/2019 9:11 PM
The Latest Word: September 2019 Weston Public Library Newsletter8/30/2019 11:57 AM
The Latest Word: August 2019 Weston Public Library Newsletter7/31/2019 9:52 AM
The Latest Word: June 2019 Weston Public Library Newsletter6/19/2019 3:24 PM
The Latest Word: May 2019 Weston Public Library Newsletter5/17/2019 2:27 PM
The Latest Word: April 2019 Weston Public Library Newsletter4/21/2019 10:05 AM
The Latest Word: March 2019 Weston Public Library Newsletter3/14/2019 4:01 PM
Library closed Monday morning 3/4, opening afternoon3/4/2019 7:03 AM
Library open until 5 PM 3/23/2/2019 1:37 PM
The Latest Word: February 2019 Weston Public Library Newsletter2/13/2019 4:20 PM
Weston Public Library Closing at 3pm Friday, July 277/27/2018 1:35 PM
Weston Art & Innovation Center: April/May Newsletter4/26/2018 2:42 PM
Weston Art & Innovation Center: March Newsletter3/19/2018 8:16 AM