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Wanted: Weston Volunteer Bark Rangers

  1. Help us keep Weston's trails and open spaces enjoyable for everyone.

    Do you love walking the trails? Engaging with others? Or have a passion for the environment? The Town of Weston is actively seeking volunteers to assist the Conservation and Animal Control departments in spreading awareness of the Town's rules and regulations for dogs and dog owners. This will include hiking our trails, greeting visitors at a trail head, engaging and educating visitors about their dog-walking habits, all while modeling good dog-walking behavior.

    Physical distancing and other safety precautions due to COVID must be followed and face coverings over the mouth and nose are required. Please note that due to COVID health guidelines, some of the Bark Ranger activities will be modified.

  2. Best way to reach you (cell, home number or email)*
  3. Are you able to commit to volunteering at least once a week?*
  4. Are you willing to approach strangers and provide positive reinforcement when good dog behavior is observed or provide gentle reminders and suggestions when dog owners are behaving poorly?*
  5. Are you available on weekends, weekdays or both?*
  6. Where are you interested in volunteering?*
  7. Are you interested in walking the trails or setting up a table at a trail head?*
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