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Conservation Land Management Volunteer Application

  1. Volunteering to Maintain and Improve Weston Conservation Land

    Weston's Conservation Commission may grant permission to residents and local organizations to maintain and improve Conservation Land. If you are interested in such work, please fill out the form below. Conservation staff will review your proposal and get back to you. No work may be conducted on Conservation Land without prior approval.

    Thank you for volunteering!

  2. Type of Work (check all that apply)*
  3. Please provide a brief description of the scope of work including how this will enhance the Conservation Land. Consider the what, why, where, when, and how of your proposed project. Please provide as much detailed information as possible (e.g., frequency, methods, equipment, materials, disposal).

  4. Please upload a map/sketch showing where work will be conducted. You may choose to mark up a screenshot from our MapsOnline program.

  5. Information for work within Jurisdictional Areas

    For additional information for proposed work within Wetland Protection Act jurisdictional areas, please review:

    Trail Maintenance and Invasive Species Management (PDF)

    Appendix A & B: Invasive Plant Control & Maintenance Guidelines (PDF)

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