Where are there similar shared use path designs (i.e. along the side of a roadway) in Massachusetts?

Some examples of these types of shared use paths that run parallel to an adjacent roadway include:

  • Route 28 (Main Street) – West Chatham 
  • Route 10/College Highway – Southampton 
  • Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard – there are several bike paths that run alongside roadways on these islands. They have numerous driveway and side street crossings. They are consistently used and work well to provide safe facilities for bikes and peds despite the fact that they are often used by vacationers who are not otherwise accustomed 

Chatham Shared Use Path Design

to these types of facilities either as a path user or driver.

These roads with paths include

  • Polpis Rd – Nantucket
  • Old South Rd – Nantucket
  • Bartlett Rd – Nantucket • Edgartown – West Tisbury Rd – Martha’s Vineyard 
  • Upper Main St – Edgartown – Martha’s Vineyard 
  • County Rd – Martha’s Vineyard 

Given the recent change in MassDOT guidelines for bike accommodations along streets with higher volumes and speeds, there are several projects in design around the state that will have a similar type of shared use path running alongside a roadway.

Some of these projects in design include: 

  • Canton Street – Westwood 
  • Railroad Ave – Bedford • Foster Street – Littleton 
  • Route 20 – Oxford/Charlton 
  • Route 110 – Dracut/Methuen 
  • State Road/Revere Beach Parkway – Revere 
  • Newton Carriage Way (Route 30) – Newton 
  • Route 30 Bridge over the Charles River – Weston/ Newton 

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1. What is a shared-use path?
2. Why does Route 30 in Weston need a shared-use path?
3. What is the proposed roadway cross-section?
4. Will bicyclists be required to yield or stop at each cross-street or driveway crossing?
5. What happens when the shared-use path ends?
6. How will the shared-use path users be separated from the road?
7. Can bicyclists still choose to ride on the road?
8. Will the shared-use path be ADA compliant?
9. When were traffic counts collected?
10. Where are there proposed traffic signals?
11. Where are there proposed traffic signals?
12. Is it possible for the new signals Winter Street and/or Oak Street) to be set to flashing yellow during off peak hours?
13. Where are there similar shared use path designs (i.e. along the side of a roadway) in Massachusetts?
14. Why has the design changed (from the 2018 Town Meeting)?
15. What are the impacts to trees?
16. What has been the public process to date?