What is an invasive plant?

The Massachusetts Invasive Plant Advisory Group (MIPAG) defines invasive plants as non-native species that have spread into native or minimally managed plant systems in Massachusetts. These plants cause economic or environmental harm by developing self-sustaining populations and becoming dominant and/or disruptive to those systems.”

Invasive plants have all been imported by people, either intentionally or accidentally, from other parts of the globe. In their home range, invasive plants aren’t invasive – there are natural mechanisms, such as herbivores, diseases and pests, and competing plants, that keep their populations in balance. But when introduced to our area, invasive plants dont face those same pressures, and they can grow and spread unchecked.

Learn about the invasive plant species that may grow in Weston.

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1. What is an invasive plant?
2. What is a native plant?
3. Are all non-native species invasive?
4. Why are invasive plants a problem?
5. What can I do about invasive plants in Weston?