Smart and Efficient Buildings

Efficient Buildings - encouraging the shift to resilient and efficient buildings that minimize GHG

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  • Existing buildings are energy efficient and utilize renewable energy, while preserving historic features
  • All new buildings meet net zero energy building standards
  • New development minimizes negative impacts on the environment
  • Both municipal and community energy use prioritizes the significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

What can you do?

There are many ways to save energy at home.

  • Conserve energy. Start simple by picking a few concrete ways to reduce your energy use at home: turn off the lights, unplug electronics, wash clothes in cold water, and adjust the thermostat when you leave the house. Many more energy saving tips are available!
  • Make upgrades to your home. Schedule a free MassSave home energy assessment to get started and see what upgrades will have the biggest bang for your buck.
  • Explore energy-efficiency rebates. Check out the full list of MassSave rebates and incentives to upgrade your home.

Measuring Success to Sustainable Resource

Measuring Success

Tracking our progress is essential to successful achievement of Weston Ahead's goals for Smart and Efficient Buildings. We have identified several metrics and associated targets, listed below. We anticipate this list will continue to evolve as data tracking improves. The Town will report on progress against these metrics at least every two years.

Total GHG emissions from municipal buildings (MTCO2e)4,469 (2018)2,234 (50% reduction)Net Zero
Average annual emissions per household (MTCO2e)40.87 (2018)20.4 (50% reduction)10.2 (75% reduction)
Residential Natural Gas Use (therms)6,371,6674,465,00020
Commercial Natural Gas Use (therms)2,113,2631,760,0002880,000
Installed solar capacity3,400 kW (2021)17,500 kW12,000 kW3
Percentage of new buildings meeting net zero energy building standardsNew metric100%
Percentage of homes that are all-electric1% (44 of 3,706) (2020)450% (~130 homes electrified per year)100% (~130 homes electrified per year)


*Source for all baseline data, unless otherwise specified: Weston Community and Municipal 2018 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, Town of Weston, 2020

  1. Production Tracking System, MassCEC
  2. Values selected to achieve total 50% reduction in building related GHGs while using 100% clean electricty
  3. Maximum Capacity estimated with Google Project Sunroof using viable roof % from Wellesley, applied to Weston structures
  4. Assessor's Database, Town of Weston

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