Resilient Infrastructure and Services

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  • Weston's critical infrastructure and services are resilient to the impacts of climate change
  • All future projects incorporate green infrastructure and low impact development best practices where appropriate
  • Weston is equipped with efficient and well-maintained utilities

What can you do?

Sign up for Weston Power Choice, and electricity aggregation program that will offer electricity supply options with more renewable energy than currently offered by Eversource. Renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, have much smaller carbon footprints than natural gas and other fossil fuels.

Resilient Infrastructure through Weston Power Choice

Measuring Success

Tracking our progress is essential to successful achievement of Weston Ahead's goals for Resilient Infrastructure and Services. We have identified several metrics and associated targets, listed below. We anticipate this list will continue to evolve as data tracking improves. The Town will report on progress against these metrics at least every two years.

Percent of eligible customers in Town enrolled in Weston Power ChoiceNew metric100%
Percent of municipal electricity from renewable sources19% (2017)1100%
Percent of community electricity from renewable sources19% (2017)1100%
Percent of critical facilities with backup power redundancyNew metric100%
No. of power outages per year224 (2020)2Downward Trend
No. of Significant Environmental Impact (SEI) gas leaks103 (2019)30


  1. 2017 ISO New England Electric Generator Air Emissions Report, ISO new England Inc. System Planning, 2019. Municipal and community baselines reflect percentage of renewable energy on the grid as documented in Weston 2018 GHG Inventory. Community baseline reflects lack of community choice aggregation program in 2018.
  2. Mass. Outage Report, Eversource, 2020
  3. Weston Gas Audit, 2019

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