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DPW's 2019 Roadway Projects

Things are pretty busy at Weston's Department of Public Works, so much so we're a little behind with the weekly work updates. However, we have some updates to share: we're almost done with the 2019 roadway program! 

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The Final Countdown

Pigeon Hill Road, Old Road, Hilltop Road, Gail Road & Pembroke Road

Work started in these neighborhoods this past Tuesday and it is anticipated that all these roadways will be completed - from loaming and seeding to striping - by early November. 

When this is complete, the 2019 season will be complete!

glen road final pavement

Checked off the List


  1. Cherry Brook Road
  2. Pollywog Lane
  3. Sylvan Road
  4. Glen Road (Wellesley Street to Shady Hill Road)
  5. Cliff Road (Rubber Chip Seal)
  6. Brown Street (Rubber Chip Seal)
  7. Wellesley Street / School Street Intersection
  8. Newton Street (Wellesley Street to #150 Newton Street +/-)
  9. Church Street Spur (Roadway, Sidewalk, and Parking Area for Rail Trail)
  10. Concord Road Spurs (roadway widening for parking stalls, sidewalk work for rail trail)


  1. Cherry Brook Road (Merriam Street to Pollywog Lane)
  2. Wellesley Street (Case House driveway to Alphabet Lane)
  3. Wellesley Street (School Street to Newton Street)
  4. Newton Street (Wellesley Street to 208 Newton Street +/-)
  5. Pigeon Hill Road from Church Street to 26 Pigeon Hill Road +/-) – will be completed as part of the final round of roadway reconstruction program (above)
crack sealing


  • North Avenue (Lincoln townline to Viles Street);
  • Wellesley Street (School Street to South Avenue)
  • Winter Street (Radcliffe Road to Beaver Road)
  • Ridgeway Road (Route 30 to Chiltern Road)
  • Chestnut Street (Davenport to Wellesley Street, one side)


Pilot program with steel-backed wooden guardrail:

Summer Street

  • Southbound before #217 Summer Street
  • Northbound from across the roadway from 30 Summer Street to just south of 210 Summer Street
yellow pavement markings

Pavement Marking

Including: Centerline, Edge Lines, Stop Lines, Crosswalks, Legends, Parking Stalls, etc.

  • Bogle Street
  • Concord Road (Sudbury Road to townline)
  • Glen Road (Wellesley townline to Oak Street)
  • Interval Road
  • Park Road
  • Oxbow Road
  • Ridgeway Road
  • Brown Street
  • Cliff Road
  • Glen Road (Shady Hill Road to Wellesley Street)
  • Newton Street (Wellesley Street to 150 Newtown Street +/-)
  • Wellesley Street (at School Street intersection)
  • Kendal Green parking lot stalls
  • South Avenue at Newton Street – arrows and ONLYs
  • South Avenue at Park Road – arrows and ONLYs
  • Park Road – arrows and ONLYs
  • Stop lines and/or crosswalks at numerous locations
celebrating a job done

Additional Work Completed

  • Vegetative Management Plan – Sprayed along sidewalks for weeds and poison ivy, as part of the Yearly Operational Plan.
  • Drainage work: Merriam Street, Newton Street, Glen Road, Wellesley Street at School Street Intersection, and Hilltop Road. 
  • Rail Trail work including roadway paving work on Conant Road from Woodward Lane to 59 Conant Road 
  • Southside Drainage Phase II work (ongoing) 
  • Black Oak Generator / Aesthetic Improvements
  • Paines Hill Tank Building
  • Gas main and service work at Pembroke Road, Newton Street, Wellesley Street, Church Street
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