work on unblocking the conant rd underpass

June 2 - June 8, 2019

The Weston Department of Public Works continued to fulfill its mission to construct and maintain the physical infrastructure that provides for the public's health and safety, to protect the environment, and to enhance the quality of life and ensure that Weston continues to be a desirable place in which to live and conduct business. The following is the weekly report, by division:

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2019 Roadway Reconstruction Program

  • Cherry Brook Road and Pollywog Lane - Finishing up the loaming and seeding – Anticipate being completed by the week of June 10;
  • Sylvan Road (entire length) - Anticipate paving (binder course) mid to late week June 10 or early week of June 17;
  • Glen Road (Wellesley Street to Shady Hill Road) - Reclaiming week of June 10th with anticipated paving (binder course) end of the week of June 10 or beginning of week of June 17;
  • Wellesley Street at School Street Intersection - Town Engineer to mark out curbline for the intersection work.  Installation of drainage structures and piping.  The reconstruction to follow.
  • Newton Street (from Wellesley Street to approximately #150 Newton) - National Grid needs to complete service shift from old gas main to new gas main, anticipate being completed end of the week of June 17, and then old gas man needs to be deadened.  Sections of the old gas main needs to be removed to install the last couple of catch basins and then this section of roadway is ready for reconstruction;
  • Rubber Chip Seal Program:
    • Cliff Road - anticipate June 24 to start
    • Winter Street - anticipate June 24 to start
    • Bogel Street - National Grid needs to replace a section of the gas main at/about Winter Street, which the DPW has been trying to get replaced for over 4 years. Rubber Chip Seal work will not take place until this work is complete
  • Gail Road -  Outstanding work needing completion prior to roadway reconstruction is the installation of drainage at Gail Road and Oak Street which requires coordination with the MWRA for rights to flow their land.  Engineering is working on said rights and drainage construction; 
  • Pembroke Road - National Grid needs to replace existing gas main prior to roadway work;  
  • Pigeon Hill Road, Hill Top Road, and Old Road will be reconstructed after the Conant Road Underpass project is completed as Pigeon Hill Road is the detour for that project;
  • Merriam Street (Sunset Road to Silver Hill Road) – There are a lot of moving parts that need to be completed prior to the roadway reconstruction taking place:
    • complete roadway drainage work between Westland Road and House No. 189 +/-, Westland Road and House No. 217, and House No. 245 +/- to Hallet Hill Road (phased work);
    • Merriam Street Culvert Replacement over Cherry Brook;
    • Water gate replacements on Merriam Street at Cherry Brook Road (holding utility pole is required);
    • sidewalk (southerly section between Westland Road and Sunset Road which require easements); and
    • then finally the roadway reconstruction

Additional Road Work Not Affiliated with the Town's Roadway Program

  • See updates in "State/Utility Project Work" for projects impacting roadways:
    • Conant Road (rail trail) closure and detour
    • National Grid gas main work
  • See updates in "Ongoing DPW Projects" for drainage work at:
    • Newton Street
    • Loring Road
    • Merriam Street
  • See updates in "Consultant Work" for larger projects at:
    • Rt. 20 and Rt. 30 TIP projects
    • Concord Road/ Church Street parking at spurs (rail trail access)
    • Ash Street sidewalk
    • Town Center Improvement Project
road closed sign

State/Utility Project Work

  • Continuing to coordinate with Eversource on a number of outstanding issues in Town including double poles, poles guyed into trees, leaning poles and pole guyed with rope (Merriam Street), Hazard trees at/near power lines, etc.;
  • Rail Trail Projects:  
    • Eversource and DCR Rail Trail Project – There are still unresolved “punchlist items” remaining from the construction last construction season;
    • Conant Road Underpass Project (DCR) – Underpass construction started and anticipated to have roadway opened back up the week of June 24. Note that does not mean that the project is completed. There will be delays and traffic managed to complete the sidewalk work, railing work, pavement work, etc.  Excavation work and installation of underpass anticipated for several weeks;
    • Concord Road Spurs and Church Street Spurs Parking Areas (Town) – Town to construct several parking stalls at Concord Road and Church Street spurs - see "Consultant Work" section below;
    • DPW is attempting to coordinate with MassDOT to address concrete spall and graffiti issues for Concord Road and Church Street bridges over the Rail Trail
  • National Grid gas relay projects proposed for construction during the 2019 Construction Season:
    • Church Street (at/about Pigeon Hill Road) - project currently being modified and anticipated going before the Board of Selectmen to modify the grant of location permit. Anticipate work occurring mid to late August; 
    • Newton Street - work is ongoing
    • Pembroke Road - to start soon 
    • Sherburn Circle, Wellesley Street (669-654), and Concord Road (1-81) - schedule is unknown 
  • National Grid has submitted several permits for repairing long-standing gas leak locations.
DPW employees installing a drainage pipe

Ongoing DPW Projects

  • Black Oak Pump Station – Generator moved to new pad location.  Then wall and landscaping work will begin; 
  • Overseeing consultants’ work on the Southside Drainage Project - Bids and references being checked;
  • Paines Hill Water Tank Improvement Project - Electrical work with work started and completed over the next several weeks, then plumbing work, then SCADA work, then calibration of system;
  • Cemetery Restoration Phase II - headstone rehabilitation contract ongoing;
  • Newton Street Drainage - – First piece of drainage work by Land Sake is under construction – Trench paving work outstanding for Phase I.  Completing Phase I tied to old gas deadened and removed where several drainage structures need to be installed.  Town Engineer is working with several properties owners and others to secure easement rights for Phase II and Phase III drainage work; 
  • Loring Road Drainage work (by #83) - No work completed this period in the roadway;
  • Merriam Street Drainage work (between Westland Road and Cherry Brook Road) – Work ongoing though restricted.  Anticipate using the detour due to safety of the workers and public to complete this section of roadway
a birds-eye view of the town center plan

Consultant Work Managed by DPW

  • Overseeing consultant work on Proposed Route 30 Roadway Reconstruction TIP Project - roadway, sidewalk, drainage improvements, intersection improvements, etc. Next action item will be to tweak presentation based on May 29 meeting and then present to the Board of Selectmen and submit the 25% design plans to MassDOT in the fall / winter 2019. Project info at;
  • Overseeing consultant work on Proposed Route 20 Intersection Improvement TIP Project - (signal at Boston Post Road/Wellesley Street/Boston Post Road By-Pass) - intersection improvements, etc. Work has begun on the Function Design Report (a MassDOT required submission).Consultant/Town Engineer met with Traffic and Sidewalk Committee during April meeting to discuss direction of design and then setup a MassDOT D-6 meeting, anticipated June 13Project info at;
  • Overseeing consultant and preparation of specifications for Concord Road Spurs and Church Street Spur Rail Trail Parking Areas - Installation of erosion controls and tree cutting and installation of tree protection anticipated the week of June 3.  The week of June 10 (weather permitting), it is anticipated that earth excavation work will start at Concord Road spurs; 
  • Overseeing several sidewalk design projects -  (Merriam Street and Warren Avenue) – Funding secured for the work; culvert replacement and drainage work needs to take place; sidewalk project needs to be coordinated with roadway work. Warren Ave on hold;
  • Overseeing consultant design work for drainage work for construction season 2016 (Newton Street and Merriam Street) - Continue to attempt to secure required easements on Newton Street – see above for Phase I update;  
  • Town Center Improvement Project -  Anticipate test pitting occurring week of June 10. Variable message boards will be deployed. Drainage work from Fiske Lane to Concord Road +/- is anticipated for the week of June 17. Project info and plans can be found at - also subscribe for Town Center Construction-specific updates at;
  • Wireless Meter Reading - All contracts are in place (3).  Permits for collector are in progress.  Notices for meter work and scheduling will be going out soon.  Coordination with town accounting hardware ongoing (MUNIS); 
  • Overseeing consultant design and permitting for Concord Road Culvert replacement which has impacts on the Warren Avenue and Merriam Street culverts - decision matrix tabling being evaluated.  Engineering presented findings to Board of Selectmen and the Conservation Commission;
  • Overseeing consultant design and permitting for Ash Street Sidewalk Project - Design ongoing. Consultant to presented progress prints to Traffic and Sidewalk Committee, but drainage, length of crosswalk and curbing issues/comments from DPW Director need to be resolved.  Town Engineer has outreached to MWRA about secure rights / easements to address previously mentioned concerns;
  • Overseeing consultant design and permitting for Water Distribution Master Plan.  Engineer will revise and resubmit report.  Anticipate a meeting with the Board of Selectmen at some point this summer to review recommendations, etc.;
  • Overseeing consultant design and preparation of specification for Cemetery Tomb Restoration.  Draft plans provided and comments provided back to consultant
engineering drawings for stormwater drainage


  • Currently reviewing 12 Stormwater Permits;
  • Currently issued 60 Stormwater permits which also requires construction inspection; 
  • Set up a temporary special speed zone on School Street between Brook School Apartments and Wellesley Street to 30 mph
  • Traffic Engineering Consultant Services - two assignments issued; 
  • Working with the Town’s Traffic and Sidewalk Committee on several items:  Love Lane, Chestnut Street, Sunset Road, Wellesley Street at Route 30 signal, mirrors, stop sign requests, sidewalk requests, crosswalk requests, etc.;
hydrant flushing

Water Division

  • Completed approximately 34 DigSafes;
  • Performed weekly samples (3), monthly water samples at tanks, and station/tank inspections;
  • Conducted 4 final reads;
  • Inspected 1 new water service;
  • Installed 2 temporary meters;
  • Continue to read meters;
  • Continue to hydrant flush and paint hydrants;
  • Oversaw the generator relocation at the Black Oak Pump Station;
  • Assisted in the Paines Hill Tank control relocation;
  • Responded to 2 water quality water calls
calla lily

Park and Cemetery Division

  • 2 graves dug with casket interments;
  • Cut and trimmed grass at Linwood Cemetery and other park and cemetery locations;
  • Cleaned and serviced equipment;
  • removed fallen trees from the Town Green and Soldiers Park;
  • Continued updating the cemetery spreadsheets for interments and lot owners
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Solid Waste and Recycling Division

  • Processed 1, 100-yard solid waste dumpster totaling 22.23 tons;
  • Picked up municipal office recycling – 3,380 lbs;
  • Picked up Town office and select Town park solid waste – 2,440 lbs.;
  • Processed 1 cardboard container – 6.25 tons;
  • Processed 1 container of plastic – 4.44 tons
  • Processed 1 bulky plastic container – 1.85 tons;
  • Ran 2 shuttles for brush /logs – 10.98 tons;
  • Processed 1 metal container – 4.52 tons;
  • Process 1 container of scrap wood – 4.53 tons;
  • Assisted with the pickup of various donations including clothing, electronics, books and bikes – 820 lbs;
  • Assisted with pickup of Weston textiles – 1,620 lbs;
  • Processed 1 rechargeable battery pickup – 60 lbs;
  • Organized and maintained order in swap shed;
  • Cleaned the trailer pit as needed;
  • Pick up litter and cleaned up around the site as needed;
  • Cut and trimmed the grass around the property and cut grass on the landfill cap
patching potholes

Highway/Stormwater Divisions

  • Hot patching potholes: All sections by Division list;
  • Respond to Misc. calls for service:  23;
  • Fallen tree / branch removal from roadway and/or culverts: Town House Road, Fiske Lane, (2) Old Road;
  • Pickup Deer Removals:  Gail Road Field, Oak Street;
  • Traffic signage and maintenance repairs:  DPW, Lexington Street, Georgian, Continue Brush trimming multiple locations;
  • Set up Detour for:  Black Oak and Sylvan;
  • Inspect miscellaneous tree locations for possible action: Viles;
  • Inspect and/or as necessary all mailbox call locations: Sylvan;
  • Check and Clear waterways:  one time all sections;
  • Mowing and trimming including flail mowing:  North Ave, Bayberry Lane, Lexington Street;
  • Clean and organize material storage area;
  • Cooks Pond Pump Station:  Pump functioning properly;
  • Assist Paving Contractor- Sidewalks and Driveways:  Sylvan Lane, Cherry Brook Road and Pollywog Lane;
  • Pre-Construction Saw Cut Driveway aprons and Intersection:  Glen Road;
  • Assist Structure Contractor:  Sylvan and Glen;
  • Cleanup and Organize Brush Dump;
  • Traffic Signal Inspections:  School Zone Radar – Northbound on Wellesley Street;
  • Street Sweeping:  17 roads in the South Section and 18 roads in the North Section;
  • Assist Water Division:  water gates on Sylvan Road
  • Assist Park/Cemetery Division:  fallen tree removals on Town House Road and Fiske Lane
  • Load contractor trucks with sweepings for disposal;
  • Transport processed loam from Merriam Street Brush Dump to Linwood Cemetery;
  • Prep & locate traffic controls:  H.S. Graduation Area; Lovelane Charity Race
maintenance of a DPW truck

Vehicle Maintenance Division

  • Performed routine maintenance (fluid services, tires and brakes, exhaust, steering and suspension, exterior trim work and electrical repairs) on 6 school buses, 1 police vehicle, and 9 DPW trucks and other equipment, noting that the DPW Vehicle Maintenance Division is responsible for over 122 pieces of rolling stock for the Town;
  • Performed 2 major repairs on vehicles with Major/Significant maintenance activity:  A-4 transmission lines and brakes; Bus No. 12 injectors

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