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November 7 - 11, 2016

The Weston Department of Public Works continued to fulfill its mission to construct and maintain the physical infrastructure that provides for the public's health and safety, to protect the environment, and to enhance the quality of life and ensure that Weston continues to be a desirable place in which to live and conduct business. The following is the weekly report, by division:

DPW paving

Administration/Engineering Division

Paving and Roadwork

  • Brown Street Sidewalk Project - construction is ongoing;
  • Winter Street Sidewalk Project - resurfacing section of Winter Street;
  • North Avenue Roadway Resurfacing Work – Final paving work began November 11th.  Complete adjacent roadway paving work anticipated on November 14th, sidewalk final paving work, and driveway apron work the weeks of November 14th and 21st;
  • Westland and Silver Hill Roads Roadway Resurfacing Work – Anticipated final pavement installation the week of November 14th;
  • Blueberry Hill Road Roadway Resurfacing Work –Anticipate final pavement installation the week of November 14th;
  • Buttonwood Lane Roadway Resurfacing Work – Anticipate final pavement installation the week of November 14th;
  • Ware Road Roadway Resurfacing Work – Anticipate final pavement installation the week of November 14th;
  • Boston Post Road Sidewalk Work – Sidewalk/driveway apron binder pavement installed.  Portion of final pavement installed.  Anticipate final pavement installation being completed the week of November 14th;
  • Wellesley Street Roadway Resurfacing Work – Anticipate pavement markings will be layout out after paving work at Route 30/Wellesley binder pavement is placed and then final landscaping;
  • School Street Pedestrian Signal at/about Alphabet Lane – Work completed working on minor adjustments

State/Utility Project Work

  • Overseeing National Grid’s gas relay project on Boston Post Road (Linwood to Church Street).   Work on services has started and pavement restoration at Boston Post/Linwood/ Fiske to occur over the next couple of weeks.  There are approximately 2 services remaining and it is anticipated that work will be completed the week of November 21st;
  • MassDOT – Route 20 Milling and Resurfacing Project – Anticipating pavement markings to be installed over the next week or two.  MassDOT is aware of some puddle issues;
  • Route 30 (South Avenue) and Wellesley Street Signal Improvement Project -Eversource has set new poles.  Overhead utility lines need to be transferred. Sidewalk work anticipated on Route 30 over the next couple of weeks.  Removal of existing utility poles anticipated over the next several weeks

Ongoing Projects

  • Black Oak Pump Station Project ongoing – Engineering for possible generator move and final landscaping and screening work still remain.  Attended Board of Selectmen meeting to discuss (10/13);
  • Old Colony Road and Ferndale Road Water Main Project (FY16) – Water Main Replacement completed – final permanent trench paving beginning of November 14th;
  • Overseeing consultants’ work on Cooks Pond Dam and Pump Rehabilitation Project;
  • Finalizing consultant proposal and scope for the Paines Hill Water Tank Improvement Project

Consultant Work

  • Overseeing consultants’ work on several sidewalk feasibility studies (Merriam Street, Highland Street, and Warren Avenue) – Feasibility plans available for viewing online.  Outreach by Traffic & Sidewalk Committee conducted;
  • Overseeing consultant’s work on the modification of the Boston Post Road / Wellesley Street intersection study and the Boston Post Road / School Street intersection study;
  • Consultant finalizing proposal for construction drawing for railing replacement Church Street at retaining wall;
  • Overseeing consultant design work for drainage work for construction season 2016 (Newton Street, Merriam Street)


  • Currently reviewing 13 Stormwater Permits;
  • Currently issued 57 Stormwater permits which also requires construction inspection

Water Division

  • Completed approximately 25 DigSafes;
  • Performed weekly samples (3) and station/tank inspections;
  • Continued to read water meters (Cycle 1); 
  • Installed 4 new water meters;
  • Conducted 0 final meter reads;
  • Fixed water main break on Longmeadow Road;
  • Inspected 2 new water services;
  • Oversaw activation of the new water main on Cedar Road;
  • Oversaw the inspection and cleaning of the Cat Rock water tank
Linwood Cemetery

Park and Cemetery Division

  • Conducted 2 funeral services;
  • Mowed and trimmed approximately 15 acres of cemetery land;
  • Mowed and trimmed Town Center;
  • Performed leaf cleanup at Town Hall
  • Performed fall cleanup at cemeteries;
  • Began work on Cemetery Conservation contract at Farmers Burial Ground

Solid Waste and Recycling Division

  • Processed approximately 23 tons of solid waste and 15 tons of recycling;
  • Policed Transfer Station for litter;
  • Picked up trash and recycling at various town buildings;
  • Assisted Cemetery Division with fall cleanup
DPW Truck

Highway/Stormwater Division

  • Assist contractor’s sidewalk paving and casting crews;
  • Pick up tree limbs and fallen trees;
  • Hauled excavation

Vehicle Maintenance Division

  • Performed routine maintenance (fluid services, tires and brakes, exhaust, steering and suspension, exterior trim work and electrical repairs) on 10 school buses, 2 police vehicles, 9 DPW trucks and other equipment, 0 recreation vehicle, and 1 school grounds vehicles;
  • Performed 1 major repairs – G-3 fuel lines;
  • Performed 6 repairs on sanders/plows.  Inspect all sanders for winter

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