DPW Work Updates

The mission of the Town of Weston's Department of Public Works is to construct and maintain the physical infrastructure that provides for the public's health and safety; to protect the environment; and to enhance the quality of life and ensure that Weston continues to be a desirable place in which to live and conduct business.  This is accomplished through an equitable and cost effective delivery of services and products:
  • Provision of water
  • Drainage of surface water
  • Street sweeping of roadways
  • Disposal of waste refuse
  • Recycling of waste
  • Composting leaves and yard waste
  • Maintaining parks, cemeteries and recreation areas
  • Construction and maintenance of roads and sidewalks
  • Provision of street signs, traffic signals, and pavement markings
  • Response to wind and rain emergency events to clear roadways and drainage infrastructure
  • Sanding/deicing, plowing, and removal of snow
In addition to the work updates below, additional project information can be found on the DPW main web page and also under Town Projects.

DPW Work Updates: Fiscal Year 2018 - Fiscal 2020

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