Transfer Station Permits

Permits Expire on December 31st Annually

The Town of Weston Transfer Station utilizes a Pay As You Throw (PAYT) solid waste disposal program. All users of the Transfer Station are required to dispose of household solid waste in specific PAYT bags that are available at local retailers. Recycling, food and yard compost, and donations drop-off are free of charge. Access to the Transfer Station requires a permit fee associated with the use of the facility.

*The current 2023 Transfer Station Permits will expire on December 31st 2023. The new 2024 Transfer Station Permits will be valid from 01/01/2024 through 12/31/2024. The 2024 Transfer Station Permits will be available later this Fall.

2024 Transfer Station Permit Fees

  • $5 - Primary Vehicle
  • $5 - Secondary Vehicle
  • $20 - Additional Vehicles Beyond a Secondary Vehicle
  • $20 - Replacement Permit Sticker
  • $140 - Horse Manure (per horse)

Only Weston residents may use the Town's Transfer Station to dispose of household trash and recyclables. Permits cannot be purchased on site at the facility.

Obtain a Permit Online

Permits can be renewed online if you have the same vehicle as last year.

  • Online payments require an up-to-date census form filed with the Town Clerk, as well as a current RMV record filed with the Town's Treasurer's Department 
  • If you have a new car since last year, you will need to renew through the Treasurer/Collector's Office
  • Online payments, if necessary, may be made by credit/debit card with American Express, Master Card, Visa or Discover. Fees for credit card transactions will apply. See the fee schedule for those details
  • Online payments may also be made with a checking account. No fees apply when using your checking account
  • Permits purchased online will be mailed within one week of purchase. A proof of purchase will be emailed and may be used for one week at the Transfer Station until the permanent permit arrives.

Obtain a Permit at Town Hall

Permits may be obtained at the Treasurer/Collector's Office in Town Hall during regular business hours. 

  • Bring the completed application along with vehicle registration(s). 
  • If necessary, please make checks payable to "Town of Weston". We are unable to accept credit cards if you pay at Town Hall. 

Obtain a Permit by Mail

  • On an annual basis, please submit the Permit Application (PDF) to the Treasurer/Collector's Office, Weston Town Hall, 11 Town House Road. Please make checks payable to "Town of Weston".
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed. Vehicle registrations must be verifiable through excise tax records in order for issue by mail. Permits will only be mailed to residences within Weston. 
  • Approximately one week after receipt of your completed application, your permit(s) will be mailed to your Weston address. 
  • Alternatively, residents may use the secure drop box located to the left of the double glass doors of Town Hall (11 Town House Rd.) Call 781-786-5070 for further information during normal business hours. 

First-time Permit / New Resident / New Vehicle 

Please submit the Permit Application (PDF) with your vehicle registration information to the Treasurer/Collector either in person, via mail, or drop it off in the secure drop box outside of Town Hall. Call 781-786-5070 for further information.