Additional Tree List

The extended list is for use in places where the soils or geology provide special conditions, and/or where the depth of the planting area (in number of feet from the road) is large enough for planting a reasonable self-sustaining community of plants. Many other native plants, or hardy exotics that fit well in a naturalistic design, are also suitable.

Deciduous Trees 50 Feet or Taller
  • Ash: Fraxinus pennsylvanica may be under attack by a new complex of diseases. Delete from list if disease continues.
  • Black Oak: Quercus bicolor is difficult to transplant
  • Pin Oak: Quercus palustris branches low to the ground
  • Sugar Maple: Acer saccharinum grows quickly but is brittle
  • Sweet Gum: Liquidambar styraciflua enjoys normal or moist soils
  • Tulip Tree: Lirodendron tulipifera is fast growing but brittle
  • Tupelo: Nyssa sylvatica also enjoys normal or moist soils
Deciduous Trees 50 Feet or Under
  • Crab Apple: Malus species, selected for disease resistance.
  • Hawthorne: Cratageus viridis, C. phaenopyrum.
  • Lily-of-the-Valley Tree: Oxydendrum arboreum
  • Pagoda Dogwood: Cornus alternifolia
  • Sassafras: Sassifras albidum
  • Shadblow: Amelanchier species or cultivars
Evergreen Trees 25 Feet or Under
  • Longstalk holly: Ilex pedunculosa
Trees with Fall Colors
Winter Tree Without Leaves