Historical Archives Committee

  • Debbie Davenport, Town Clerk
  • Madeleine Mullin, Local History Librarian
  • Liz Zeytoonjian, Town Hall Representative
About the Committee
The Historical Archives Committee (HAC) is charged with improving archives preservation in the town. The long term goal is to appropriately preserve historical records, to create a central catalogue and, ideally, a central repository, and to facilitate access by researchers and the public. The committee consists of representatives of the Weston Historical Commission, Weston Historical Society, Town Hall, and Weston Library.

Town Records Study
Under the auspices of the historical commission, the committee initiated its 1st study of town records in 2005, using grant funds from the Massachusetts Historical Records Advisory Board. Archivist Scott Andrew Bartley, assisted by Martin Hollick, submitted a report in July 2006, entitled Report of the Archival Survey of Weston Town Clerk’s Vault, Records Storage Room, Historical Commission, Historical Society, and the Public Library’s Local History Room.

In January 2007 the committee submitted their Historic Archives Committee Report (PDF) to the historical commission. The report provided a review of the 2006 archival survey, a comparison of archives in 5 other New England communities, and short- and long-term recommendations for three of Weston’s historical archives collections: records storage at Town Hall; historical commission records at the Josiah Smith Tavern (JST); and Weston Historical Society collections at the JST.

The report concluded that a centralized repository is urgently needed for Weston’s historical archives, currently scattered in town buildings with no location records or ways to track them, and with few, if any, environmental climate controls.

Survey Results
An immediate recommendation from the 2006 survey - to identify the best place to store and make available Weston’s archival collections - was acted upon through approval at the May 2007 Town Meeting of $2500 in Community Preservation Act funds to hire another professional archivist to address this issue. Archivist Rachel Onuf was hired in August 2007. Her Report of a Space Assessment was received in October 2007. Ms. Onuf’s report concluded that the best permanent location for Weston’s historical archives is the space originally designated for records storage in the lower level of the Old Library.