Merriam Street

Construction funds for the Merriam Street sidewalk connection, between Sunset Road and Westland Road, were approved by 2018 Annual Town Meeting. This project is currently in the queue for construction and is being coordinated with current culvert replacement, water main and drainage upgrades, and roadway construction on Merriam Street.

Additional approvals included conceptual design fees (2014 Special Town Meeting) and design fees (2015 Annual Town Meeting). 

A Difficult Path

Consultants Beals + Thomas were charged with identifying appropriate locations for the sidewalk while minimizing land disturbance and impacts to mature trees, stone walls, utility poles, and wetland resource areas.

The Traffic & Sidewalk Committee has worked closely and collaboratively with the Planning Board and Conservation Commission, as well as abutters to address these sensitive areas. The sidewalk site plans, layout plans, and specifications are available below:

click for full set of plans