Council on Aging


The Board guides and directs the programs and initiatives of the Council on Aging/Senior Center. Members also participate in committees and special programs initiated by the Board. 

Current Interests

  • Enhancement of transportation options for seniors
  • Further development of supports for caregivers
  • Improvement in public awareness of Council on Aging (COA) programs and resources
  • Affordable housing opportunities for seniors
  • Increase in opportunities for social interaction
  • Inter-generational programming with the schools and other organizations in town


The COA board members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen and its members serve for four-year terms and may only be reappointed once. 


Geraldine Scoll, Chair 2022 Robert Froh 2023
Margaret Ackerman, Vice Chair 2022

Melissa Galton


Alice K. Benson 2020

Jean McQuiddy


Betsey Brew Boyd 2023

Thomas Nicholson


Jane Donnelly 2023

Carol Ott


Leslye Fligor 2022

Elliot Palmer


Susan Ruskin Friend 2023    

Associate Members

  • Vida Goldstein (June 2020) 
  • Wayne Johnson (June 2020)
  • Phyllis Ritvo (June 2020) 
  • Teresa Young (June 2019)