Town Caucus

Weston has traditionally used the Town Caucus, allowed under M.G.L. Chapter 53, Sections 117-121, to nominate candidates for elected town office. Town Caucus is normally held the first or second Monday in March. A description of the duties and responsibilities of each elective office is available below.

Caucus Process

At the Caucus, prospective candidates for the various town elective offices are nominated to be placed on the ballot for the Annual Town Election, held in May each year. The two candidates for each open position who receive the largest number of votes at the caucus are designated "Caucus Nominees" on the Town Election ballot. Each caucus nominee must receive a minimum of 8 percent of the votes cast that evening.

Nomination Papers

Alternatively, candidates wishing to run for office who are not nominated by the Caucus may take out nomination papers, available from the Town Clerk’s Office. Signatures of at least 50 registered Weston voters must be obtained, and the nomination papers must be filed in the Town Clerk’s Office by a specific date as outlined in the election schedule.

Questions about the town election process should be addressed to the Town Clerk’s office at 781-786-5010.

Additional Documents

2020 Town Caucus - Results: Caucus Nominees & Filed Nomination Papers

*The names on this list are of people currently holding the position listed and are seeking re-election. Residents wishing to have their name appear on the ballot in May can take out Nomination Papers with the Town Clerk. Papers and signatures are due March 23rd. +Candidate was appointed and must be elected to fill the term
Office to be Filled Incumbent* Term Length
Select Board
(vote for one)
Harvey R. Boshart*
Gail E. Monahon - withdrew nomination
Mary Ellen Sykes - nomination papers
three years
School Committee
(vote for one)
Danielle Black*
Alyson Muzila
three years
Recreation Commission
(vote for three)
Eric Rosenthal* 
Maija K. Cirulis-Gooch
Open Seat
three years
Planning Board (vote for one) Anthony Flynn*
Alex Selvig
five years
Board of Assessors
(vote for two)
John Hennessey*
Tamilyn Liesenfeld*
three years
Board of Library Trustees
(vote for two)
Julie D. Panagakos*
Joseph W. Mullin*
three years
Board of Library Trustees
(vote for one)
Susan Scott+* one year+
Board of Health (vote for one) David Kominz* three years
Commissioner of Trust Funds
(vote for one)
Robert Trumbull* three years
Moderator (vote for one) Rip Hastings
John McDonald - withdrew nomination
one year
Measurers of Lumber
(vote for three)
Aidan Fleming*
Neil Levitt
Henry Viles
one year