Communications Division


The Weston Police Department hosts a combined Emergency Dispatch Center for both Weston Police and Weston Fire.  The Communications Division handles all incoming calls, including the 911 lines and the Police and Fire non-emergency lines. All calls to the Weston Police and Fire Department are recorded for legal purposes. The dispatchers working in the Communications Division are trained E-911 operators in addition to having been trained in emergency call handling.

Communications personnel are responsible for dispatching both the Weston Police and Fire Department to all calls for service within the Town of Weston.  The Communications Division is staffed 24/7 by 8 civilian dispatchers.

Communications Center

In addition to the E-911 system, the communications center is also home to:
  • Holding cell monitors
  • Surveillance Systems
  • The LEAPS/NCIC database terminal
  • The IMC in-house computer systems
  • The Mobile Data Terminal server