Winter Tips

  1. Pay close attention to weather forecasts.
  2. Freezing rain and wet snow create the most slippery road conditions.
  3. When snow, sleet or freezing rain is forecast please stay off the roads, if possible.
  4. For storm information concerning school or business closings please tune in to local television or radio stations.
To report unplowed or un-sanded streets or for further information or suggestions on the snow operations policy for the Town of Weston please call the DPW at 781-786-5100.

Clearing Your Driveway / Cars

During a long snow event, a plow may initially make just a single pass down your street to keep the road passable until the final clean-up is completed.  To avoid having to clear your driveway several times, please wait until plowing operations are complete before clearing your driveway.  Residents are prohibited from cleaning snow from their cars, driveways or walls into roadway areas.