Stormwater Management

Stormwater pollution is the fastest growing type of water pollution in Massachusetts. It fouls our lakes, rivers, and streams, and spoils our water supplies and outdoor activities, as well as the fish and wildlife that depend on them. 

Everyone can do their part to reduce stormwater pollution.

What is Stormwater Pollution?

Simply, it is any natural or man-made contamination that finds its way into our natural water sources (lakes, rivers, groundwater, drinking water, etc.). This material can be:

  • placed directly into a drainage system (illicit discharge
    • e.g. leaves dumped into a storm drain or stream channel
  • material that is picked up by rain fall or snow melt and carried into a water source (non-point source pollution / runoff)
    • e.g. dog waste, trash, or lawn fertilizers

Increased and contaminated stormwater runoff is a major cause of: 

  • the decline of water quality and flow in lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, wetlands and groundwater; 
  • contamination of drinking water supplies; 
  • alteration or destruction of aquatic and wildlife habitat; and 
  • flooding 

Municipal Management Practices

In 2011, Weston Town Meeting passed the Stormwater and Erosion Control By-law to ensure that new development, redevelopment, and certain land disturbance activities do not increase stormwater pollution. Further, Weston has adopted state and federal control measures through its Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permit to promote best practices in keeping our waterways clean. This permit is managed by the Stormwater Permitting Authority and through the Department of Public Works Engineering Division.

Residential and Business Management Practices

Residents, businesses, developers, landscapers, and industrial facilities can take steps to reduce the adverse effects of stormwater pollution by following certain permitting guidelines, as well as simple tips. See below for helpful resources and check out the Stormwater FAQs.

Guidelines and Tips for Clean Stormwater

stormwater landscape tips

Think Blue Massachusetts

Think Blue Massachusetts is a statewide educational campaign to help residents and businesses do their part to reduce polluted runoff and keep our state’s lakes, rivers, and streams clean and healthy.

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