Dog Walking

Temporary Leash and Mask Order in Effect

All dogs must be leashed from 10:00 a.m. until dusk on all Weston Conservation Land. State guidelines require masks be worn when outdoors, this includes Weston's trails and the state's rail trail. 

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Weston's trails are for everyone.

The Dog Log

Weston dog owners and commercial dog walkers know and respect the rules regarding dogs in public spaces, which are detailed in the Dog By-law (PDF). This by-law represents the shared wisdom of the community.  It is a social compact that enables all users to safely and confidently share our common land, and protects our treasured open space.

To help ensure that we are maintaining a good balance of enjoyment and safety on our conservation lands, please feel free to share your dog experiences on Weston’s Dog Log located online at Submissions are monitored by our Animal Control Officer and the Conservation Commission.  The purpose of the Dog Log is simply to record user experiences on the trails – good, bad or neutral.

Commercial Dog Walking and Regulations

All commercial / compensated dog walkers operating within the Town of Weston must acquire a permit issued by the Town. Permit applications are available at the Weston Town Clerk's Office. Fees must be paid at the time of application. Photo identification cards and placards will be issued by the Weston Police Department following completion of the application process. 

No commercial dog walker will be permitted to walk more than 5 dogs at any one time. It is the responsibility of the walker to ensure that all dogs under their care are properly licensed and up to date on vaccinations. 

The Select Board approved Commercial Dog Walking Regulations (PDF) to accompany the Town's Dog By-law.

All Dog Walking - Residential and Commercial

All people walking dog must have in their possession a leash for each dog being walked and the means with which to pick up and properly dispose of dog waste. Waste must be properly disposed of in a trash receptacle or taken with the walker. Do not leave waste or waste in plastic bags on trails. Pet waste is toxic to the environment and to other trail users.

Dogs must be leashed when exiting the vehicle and when exiting conservation land.

Dogs must be kept on a short leash on the state's Mass Central Rail Trail at all times.

Dogs must be kept on leash on the Case Estates, Legacy Trail and connectors, and abutting conservation land.

For more information on what is expected of trail users and their dogs, please see the Walking Your Dog in Weston (PDF) brochure that was produced by the Conservation Commission.

Dog By-law

For more information, please review Article XX of the General Town By-laws (PDF) and the Commercial Dog Walking Regulations (PDF).