Riverside Housing Working Group


As part of the land development agreement with Greatlands, the Town is interested in pursuing housing development on the eastern parcel of the property for up to 20 units of housing.  A Working Group is to be established to plan for the development of the housing and to establish the steps necessary to move this project to completion.  Funds for this project may come from monies provided for as part of the development agreement with Greatlands, and any other funds the Town may seek to help accomplish this development.

The Committee shall consist of 7 members and includes two representatives from the Affordable Housing Trust, one representative from the Planning Board, and four citizens, some of which should be residents near the proposed housing location.  The Committee is expected to meet periodically throughout the year at the direction of the Town Manager and is expected to provide recommendations on its implementation until the project is completed or the Working Group is dissolved by the Select Board.    


  • Two Representatives from the Affordable Housing Trust:
  • Neil Levitt
    Term expires: June 2026
  • Representative from the Planning Board:
  • Alicia Primer
    Term expires: June 2026
  • Four citizens at large with a preference for some of the citizens to live in the proximity of the housing site:
  • Marci Loeber
    Term expires: June 2026
  • Sashya Fernandes
    Term expires: June 2026

Other Participants:

  • One liaison to the Select Board
  • Town Planner