Proposed Weston Wetlands Bylaw

Protecting Weston's Unique Wetland Resources through Local Control

Weston is home to 815 acres of forested wetland--approximately 7% of the total land area in Town. It sits within both the Charles River and Sudbury-Assabet-Concord River (SuAsCo) watersheds and supports nine (9) named brooks and streams and 112 vernal pools. Weston’s sylvan nature—the town oversees 2,000 acres of open space and 90 miles of trails—is highly valued by Weston’s residents and sets Weston apart from its more urbanized neighbors.

Yet Weston lags behind more than 200 Massachusetts cities and towns that have adopted municipal bylaws to protect their wetlands, rivers and ponds. To decrease the threat of flooding from increasingly severe storms and to support environmental protection, climate resilience, and preservation of valuable habitats, the Weston Conservation Commission has drafted and advocates passage of a Wetlands Protection Bylaw that strengthens existing state law and codifies existing local policy. The Commission will present the bylaw at a future town meeting.

A Local Bylaw to Protect Wetlands- Joe Berman and Ellen Freeman Roth, Weston Conservation Commission

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Proposed Wetlands Bylaw Presentation