Water Conservation

2021 Rain Barrel Program

We are encouraging residents to use rain barrels because they help the town manage:rain barrel in a garden

  • its water resources by reducing runoff; 
  • lowering municipal water demands; 
  • saving energy at treatment plants; and 
  • improving residential storm management.  

Rain barrels provide homeowners with:

  • a supplemental water supply during periods of drought
  • a decreased water bill of up to 40%
  • a healthy, chlorine and chemical-free water source for plants and gardens
  • improved residential stormwater management
  • slower pollution from runoff

It’s a win-win for the town and the homeowner.

Purchase Your Rain Barrel Today

A discount is available for Weston residents through the Great American Rain Barrel company. Select Weston as your community and place your order. The deadline to order is May 21st. Orders can be picked up from June 1 - 4, 8:00 to 2:00 p.m. at the Public Works Facility (180 Boston Post Road By-pass).

Save Water infographic

Water Smart

Using water efficiently will help ensure reliable water supplies today and for future generations. Water -saving techniques can save you money and diverts less water from our rivers, bays, and estuaries, which helps keep the environment healthy. 

Use Less Water Indoors and Outdoors:

Water Smart Landscaping Resources

Provided by the Charles River Watershed Association

Landscaping Resources

Provided by the Charles River Watershed Association