Aggregation Plan

A community’s electricity aggregation plan typically includes multiple options from which community members can choose. 


When developing an energy aggregation plan, a Town can decide the mix of electricity sources for each option in the program. For example, how much electricity comes from renewable energy sources like wind and solar vs other, more traditional, energy sources like gas, oil, and coal. Weston’s goal is to provide an increased amount of renewable energy in the community’s electricity supply for approximately the same price as you would pay for your current electricity mix from Eversource. 

Before a community aggregation plan is put in place, public feedback is required regarding how much additional renewable electricity is desired in the electricity supply, above the minimum amount required by Massachusetts law. Please note that the program will include an option that provides only the minimum amount of renewable energy required.


When you participate in a community’s electricity aggregation plan, like Weston Power Choice, Eversource continues to deliver your electricity and you continue to call them when the power goes out; however, you no longer have Eversource’s Basic Service for the supply portion of your electricity bill. 

The Town of Weston uses the bulk purchasing power of the community to negotiate a contract with an electricity supplier on behalf of residents and businesses to determine the price of the community’s electricity supply and whether any additional renewable electricity is included. If you participate in Weston Power Choice, Eversource uses the Weston Power Choice price to calculate the supply portion of your electricity bill instead of their own Basic Service price. 

And, while Eversource’s Basic Service price changes every six months for residential and small business customers, the typical energy aggregation contract price remains unchanged for much longer time periods.

Opting Out

Weston Power Choice is an “opt-out” program under Massachusetts law. All Weston Eversource Basic Service customers will be automatically enrolled in the program. However, participation is voluntary, and all eligible participants will receive a letter in the mail before program launch notifying them of their right to opt out and explaining how to do so. Any resident who has already selected their own electricity supplier will not be automatically enrolled, but they are free to join. 

All participants may opt out at any time and at no cost, a consumer protection inherent in Weston Power Choice which makes it different from many other electricity offers in the marketplace. Further, anyone who is eligible for a low-income discount will continue to receive that benefit as a participant in Weston Power Choice, and anyone with solar panels on their property will continue to receive net metering credits as a participant in this program.

Additional Information on How Aggregation Works

Please see, the Town’s consultant’s dedicated website, for more detailed information on how aggregation works.