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September 2019

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Drainage Pipe & Manholes

These structures are used to collect and convey the stormwater runoff and discharge it to the existing drainage outlets. The drainage line replaces the old drainage system and will improve previous ponding issues. The drainage is also required for the proposed geometric changes.

Utility Duct Banks

(Comcast, Eversource, Verizon, Town Fiber)

These new conduit systems will be the infrastructure through which the new utility wires will run. They will essentially carry the existing overhead wires within them and be connected to the new manholes and buildings. Each utility company has a different number of required conduits. 

There are two primary duct banks for the project: one for Eversource electric and one for telecommunications (Verizon, Comcast, Town Fiber). These conduits are proposed to run to each building for the new service connections. Once all the conduits are installed, the utility companies will begin to run new wires within them to start the process of removing the existing utility poles. 

Utility Manholes

(Comcast, Eversource, Verizon, Town Fiber)

These structures are proposed to act as junction points for the new underground duct bank system. Inside these manholes, the utility companies will connect their wire runs, and provide connections for secondary services (new service connections to properties). Each utility company has different requirements for the size and number of manholes but they serve the same basic purposes.