Skate fam

Weston Skating Club has modeled itself on a club membership base with members paying separately for the programs in which they choose to participate. Members must be Weston residents or town employees and may choose Family or Individual memberships. The Club’s philosophy is to keep membership fees low to encourage participation. The costs of individual programs will be borne by users, with the exception of Family Skating on Sundays. Membership is moderately priced and is required to participate in our programs.

Members are able to bring a limited number of Guests to the Family Skating sessions on Sundays for a fee of $5 per guest (limit of 3). This fee can be paid at the registration desk, inside the rink.

Membership costs:  Family - $65; Individual - $45. Must be a resident or employee of the Town of Weston.  Note: You must create a free household within Weston Recreation's online system in order to join (those who already have households will not need to repeat this step).

To join, click here, follow "browse badges", then select the appropriate skating membership.  For more information, please call 781-786-6260.