Skating Lessons


Weston Learn to Skate Program

Skating instruction consists of 25-minute lesson and 25-minute supervised practice. Children ages 4-18 are grouped according to age and ability.

Weston Recreation's skating instruction approach focuses on working with each student at the pace they are comfortable at, so lessons are enjoyable.  Our primary objective is high quality instruction programs for children.  Any child, who learns to skate properly, whether he or she goes on to figure skating or hockey, will enjoy distinctly better performance and satisfaction that goes with it.

All students become members of the US Figure Skating's (USFSA) Basic Skills Program.  The program, which takes students from beginning to advanced levels, is widely considered the most comprehensive ice skating instruction available.

Snowplow Sam levels 1 to 3 is designed for children ages 4 1/2 to 6 years of age. Basic Skills, 1 to 8 classes are designed for children ages 7 & up and for adults. The Basic Skills class can also be an excellent base for hockey players.  A well-known fact of professional and college hockey is that a team's strongest skaters often learned to skate in classes like these rather than by clutching onto a hockey stick which can act as a crutch.  Weston Recreation also offers a curriculum entitled "Fundamentals of Hockey Skating", which is intended to teach beginning skaters to proper skating techniques to maneuver faster and increase agility on the ice.  All elements will be taught without a pick or stick.

Benefits of the Weston Recreation skate classes are fewer children on the ice, practice time, the proven success of the Basic Skills curriculum, and the flexibility for each child to progress at their own pace.

Weston residents must purchase a skate membership to participate in skate lessons as well as participation in other programs, including Family Skating on Sunday afternoon and during school vacations.

Rental skates are not provided.  Students need to provide their own skating equipment.

Go to our online registration page to sign up for skating memberships and/or lessons.