Climate Action & Resiliency Plan

A Climate Action Plan is a long-term goal of the Sustainability Committee. It will ultimately define: 

  • A vision for sustainability and key sustainability goals, including metrics to assess progress 
  • Specific opportunities, prioritized to maximize progress toward goals and benchmarks
  • A plan and timeline toward achieving these goals

Progress Moving Weston Forward

Having completed the Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Action Grant scope, Weston is an MVP community, and secured substantial Action Grant funding of $100,000 to complete this project with the help of professional support. 

Climate Action

The Plan will map out a proactive approach to reducing Weston’s usage of resources, thus minimizing its contribution to the accelerating climate crisis (Climate Action).

Climate Resiliency

The Plan will map out Weston’s strategies for surviving and thriving in the face of extreme temperatures, historically intense storms, increased flooding, invasive organisms, and other challenges posed by our changing climate (Climate Resiliency).