Ecological Management Plan

The Conservation Commission has engaged Mass Audubon’s Ecological Extension Services to draft an Ecological Management Plan (EMP) for the Case Estates in an effort to guide the maintenance and stewardship of this unique property over the next seven years . 

Draft Ecological Management Plan

The Case Estates’ Draft EMP is available below for public review and comment:

What is an Ecological Management Plan?

The EMP will help to guide the maintenance and stewardship of the unique Case Estates property over the next seven years. It is expected that the EMP will recommend fiscally prudent management priorities and practical techniques for ecological management concerns such as: 

  • Improving and maintaining existing meadows and field edges (including stone walls) for both ecological (pollinator habitat, grassland birds) and scenic landscape value;
  • Managing invasive or undesirable plant species in a manner that balances ecological priorities and feasibility, thereby providing the best and most sustainable ecological outcome given finite fiscal resources; 
  • Caring for specimen trees and fostering their long-term health and beauty; 
  • Developing a short-term plan that fosters passive recreational uses, ecological needs, and aesthetic qualities while allowing for long-term future uses that may also include agriculture or development; and 
  • Other topics that arise through the public outreach and ecological management planning process.

Ecological Management Plan Schedule

  • June 2019: Ecological Management Plan Stakeholder Meeting (PDF)
  • Summer/Fall 2019: Field visits and initial draft preparation
  • February/March 2020: initial draft available for public review; presentation of draft to Conservation Commission, other interested boards and committees, and public
  • April 2020: finalize Ecological Management Plan and present to the Conservation Commission

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Case Estates - overview map for Ecological Management Plan