Town Center Improvement Project

The Town Center Improvement Project is the first opportunity in over 100 years -- since the design and construction of the Town Green -- to enhance the quality of the Town Center by addressing pedestrian and traffic safety, parking availability, and an opportunity for a variety of public activities, as well as the appearance of the Town Center. This will be the largest road construction project in Weston’s history.

Over a four-plus year period, the Town Center Planning Committee, working with the Public Works Department, a team of engineers, landscape designers, and a planning consultant, has carefully addressed myriad design and engineering challenges that face any project of this size.

Access to Town Center businesses is supported and monitored, as "Businesses are Open" is a critical directive given to the construction team by the planning committee.

Construction Update 

The overhead lines are gone and the last pole has been removed. The DPW Director is working with the utility companies to improve the look of some of the interfaces and approaches.

The bench installation continues within the new parks and the irrigation system is running, awaiting final inspection. All site furnishings should be finalized by mid-August, as well as hydro-seeding grass areas.

Curbing and sidewalk work continues, particularly in the 450-470 Boston Post Road block, which is anticipated to be completed by mid-August.

Final paving is anticipated by early September. This is weather and utility company dependent. Once that is complete, pavement marking and final signage will be installed.

4-Way Stop: Church Street/Boston Post Road/School Street

Rules of a 4-way stop - At a four-way stop, the right of way goes to the person who gets there first, and then in order to vehicles on the right. When turning left, you must give right of way to any vehicle approaching you. 

Final configuration - The final configuration will require the removal of the utility pole on Church Street, which will not occur until spring; however, drivers can then expect parallel parking in the Church Street bank between the Town Green and First Parish Church and a longer right-hand only turn lane from Church Street that will accommodate six cars.

town center 4-way stop

Anticipated Work & Hours

Day work will begin at 7:00 a.m. and generally conclude around 3:00 p.m., though some days may go a bit longer. Anticipate site set up to occur prior to 7:00 a.m. Some night work can be expected and will be properly noticed with abutters.

As with all construction work, activities are anticipated as unexpected issues can arise and delay progress.

Project Description

  • Repair the curbs, streets, and sidewalks, including the required improvements for handicapped accessibility and drainage upgrades
  • Reconfigure the location of the curbs and sidewalks to create more continuous and ample sidewalks, safer crosswalks, new open space, and traffic-calming strategies
  • Remove the utility poles and overhead wires to allow for new trees to be planted along Boston Post Road between Colpitts Road and School Street

The Open Space Plan, Tree Selection, and Tree plans are located below, along with the 100% construction plans.

Final Construction Plans