BSA Campus Expansion Study

The fastest growing segment of the Town’s population is residents who are 65 and older. Today, there are only 137 housing units dedicated to the elderly in Weston, and, at Brook School Apartments, the average waiting period for a unit is three to five years. To keep pace with the population growth, the Town must expand its inventory of elderly housing.

One of the key goals of this feasibility study is to understand how to approach integrating additional units into the Brook School Campus while minimizing the impact on the neighborhood and the existing open and recreational spaces on the campus. 

Study First

The outcome of this feasibility study is intended to provide the Town of Weston with sufficient information as to whether a proposed addition to the Brook School campus is feasible. From that baseline, if the Town decides that it is a reasonable and a desirable option, a later phase project to fully develop schematic designs and design development plans for an extension to the campus will be developed. That option is outside of the scope of this study.

A request for proposals has been issued by the Town to find a design firm to work with the Permanent Building Committee and the Elderly Housing Committee. 

The study services request will include consideration of siting, septic constraints, conservation limits, costs, traffic and number of units. The feasibility study will include detailed overviews of these, as well as meetings with abutters and other interested stakeholders, and any appropriate additional factors, concepts and strategies (not designs) for moving into the next phase, which would be the design.

Details as to the requested services to be provided by the designer/consultant are specified on this Feasibility Study Details document (PDF).