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Posted on: May 9, 2018

Update on Road Construction


Weston's DPW is moving forward with road construction activities, among other projects, and is developing and coordinating plans for anticipated future projects. Below is a brief list of what is being developed. DPW activities are outlined in a weekly work update, which interested residents can subscribe to. Additional anticipated road work is listed in the latest update

Our DPW Department has a lot on its plate, even more now with the passage of certain articles at Annual Town Meeting. Please have patience with the unavoidable inconvenience of road work and know that this Department works very hard to carry forth its mission.

Roadway Work 

Summer Street and Old Summer Street – 

  • finish paving completed
  • driveway aprons will be worked on for the next few days
  • loaming and seeding and then pavement markings to install (appx. 4 weeks)

Perry Lane – 

  • paving work completed
  • driveway aprons and loaming/seeding to follow

Sutton Place – 

  • paving work completed
  • driveway aprons, final sidewalk paving, ADA ramp installation, loaming/seeding and pavement markings to follow

Conant Road (Church Street to Woodward Lane) – 

  • paving work completed
  • some off-road grading is next
  • pavement markings anticipated being done in 4 weeks

Gas Work

  • Glen Road (Shady Hill Road to Oak/Cliff Intersection) – gas main replacement ongoing

Drainage Work 

  • Montvale / Fairview – water quality unit installation remains

Water Work

  • Columbine and Dean Roads Water Main Replacements
    • main work is completed
    • main has been pressure tested and tested for bacteria
    • Anticipating connecting residents of Columbine and Dean Roads to the new water main next week (5/21)
  • Dam Work at Cooks Pond – clean up work to complete
  • Paines Hill Tank Telemetry Building – building construction ongoing


  • Street Sweeping – Annual program
  • Hydrant Flushing – Annual program
  • Spring cleanups in Parks, cemeteries, and Town Building areas – Annual Program
  • Starting up Mowing and Roadside Flail Mowing Program – Seasonal Program
  • Pothole Patching – ongoing

Future Work

Roadway Program – Aspen Road; Juniper Road; Cherry Brook (portion) – potentially if other roadways are not ready; Fairview Road / Montvale Road; Winter Street (Route 30 to Brown Street); Glen Road (after drainage work and gas work completed); Highland Street (Pine Street to Route 30, after drainage work completed); Concord Road (Merriam Street to Sudbury Road) – potentially if other roadways are not ready; Wellesley Street at School Street Intersection – Pending approval of Traffic & Sidewalk Committee approval; Gail Road (pending gas main replacement); Pembroke Road (pending gas main replacement); Webster Road (pending gas main replacement); Arrowhead Road (pending gas main replacement); Merriam Street (pending culvert replacement, gas final connection, water gate replacements at Aberdeen, drainage rehabilitation at/about Westland Road, and new sidewalk work.

Gas Work – Newton Street; Gail Road; Pembroke Road; Webster Road; Arrowhead Road.

Drainage Work – Glen Road – Wellesley Street to Oak/Cliff; Highland Street (Pine Street to Route 30); Newton Street (entire length); Wellesley Street by School Street intersection (see previous); Merriam Street (northerly end).

Water Works – Chiltern Road Water Main Replacement; Gate Replacements on Merriam Street at Aberdeen; Hydrant Replacements – Various – ongoing

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