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Posted on: February 7, 2018

Step Up Your Recycling Efforts - Plastics


Did you know……. there are over 50 different types of plastic that exist today with new types being developed as research continues. Different plastics are used for different purposes, but most of them tend to be strong, durable, lightweight and resistant to corrosion. They are often less expensive than other materials and can be made in a variety of colors.

It is difficult to imagine a world without plastic. Among the most versatile materials ever developed, plastic can be made to resemble and even replace a range of materials such as metal, wood, glass, stone and cloth. When heated to a liquid or semi-solid form, plastic can be molded into almost any desired shape and when cooled, will harden as a solid.

Recycled plastic can be made into a variety of things from a new container to automotive parts. Your old milk jugs, laundry detergent bottles, water bottles and soda bottles could end up being made into carpeting, clothing or even composite lumber. A new T-shirt can be made with the plastic fiber from about 10 plastic bottles and a new sweater uses about 63.

Unfortunately, according to EcoWatch, 50% of the plastic we use, we use just once and throw it away. Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the earth four times and we only recover about 5% of the plastic we produce. The average American throws away approximately 185 pounds of plastic each year. Billions of pounds of plastic can be found in swirling convergences in our ocean, the largest of which is off the coast of California and is twice the size of Texas. Plastic in our oceans accounts for about one million bird and 100,000 marine mammal deaths each year. Your effort to recycle plastic goes a long way to stop the negative influences of plastic on our planet, you can make a difference!

Recycling plastic at the Weston Transfer Station has never been so easy. We have added new signs with pictures that show where to put your plastic items. There are two different positions that collect plastic at the Transfer Station. The large rectangular opening that goes to our plastics compactor takes water bottles, detergent containers, milk jugs, plastic food containers, plastic juice bottles and more. The second location which is a round collection area down to the right end of the recycling building is for Massachusetts 5 cent returnable plastic soda bottles only. Please rinse all food and juice containers before recycling them.

In fiscal year 2017 Weston’s Solid Waste and Recycling Facility recycled 123,760 pounds of plastic, which equates to 62 tons diverted from the solid waste stream. Along with the benefits to our environment, this saved the Town of Weston $4,588 in disposal fees.

Weston’s Solid Waste and Recycling Facility’s success starts with you the Weston Resident. Your efforts make it possible for the Solid Waste and Recycling Facility to sell good quality recyclables for the best possible market prices. In fiscal year 2017 total sales of recyclables were over $19,000. The more revenue received from recyclables, the less likely the permit fee will increase.

Please be sure to take a few moments to separate recyclables from the trash. Let’s keep recyclables out of the solid waste compactors so we can save our natural resources, protect the environment, and help keep the permit fee cost from increasing. Learn more about all that can be recycled at

For more information about recycling and Weston’s Solid Waste and Recycling Facility call John Zaccardi, Supervisor of the DPW Solid Waste and Recycling Division at 781-786-5165 or email John at

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