1. General Town By-laws

    The General Town By-laws include the Scenic Roads By-law and the Demolition Delay By-law.

  2. Hunting Regulations

    The Weston Conservation Commission allows Bow Hunting for deer on select Conservation Land properties by permit only.

  3. Liquor License & BYOB Regulations

    The Board of Selectmen may issue special licenses for the sale of wines and / or malt beverages to any enterprise however, special licenses for the sale of all alcoholic beverages may be issued to non-profit organizations only.

  4. Massachusetts General Laws

    View the general laws of Massachusetts.

  5. Non Criminal Ticketing Procedure

    Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 40, Section 21D allows cities and towns to enforce their bylaws through non-criminal disposition to issue a violation notice or “ticket” which provides for a specific sum of money to be paid as a penalty for the violation of a local by-law.

  6. Permanent Building Committee By-law

    The purpose of this bylaw is to provide a Permanent Building Committee having continuing responsibility for the execution of major construction and maintenance projects for the Town and for the development of a capital spending plan.

  7. Planning Board

    Access Planning Board rules and regulations along with other helpful documents.

  8. Private Well Regulations

    These regulations were developed by the MassDEP and adopted by the Weston Board of Health to use for the regulation of Private Wells used for drinking water and irrigation purposes.

  9. Right to Farm By-law (PDF)

    View the text of the Right to Farm By-law

  10. Weston Service Program - Rules & Regulations

    It shall be the policy of the Weston Board of Selectmen to provide an opportunity for certain persons over the age of 60, a veteran or a disabled adult to provide services to the Town of Weston in exchange for compensation which is to be applied to the real property tax obligation of said person.

  11. Site Plan Approval - Rules & Regulations

    Access site plan approval rules and regulations.

  12. Snow Removal By-law

    The snow removal regulation prohibits the depositing of snow onto or across any public way, including sidewalks or public property.

  13. The Stormwater By-law

    The goal of the By-law is to ensure that development, redevelopment, and land disturbance activities do not increase stormwater run-off.