Historic Resources

  1. Buildings with Preservation Restrictions

    Access a list of buildings with preservation restrictions.

  2. Crescent Street Local Historic District

    Weston has 1 Local Historic District (LHD) comprised of 8 properties on Crescent Street.

  3. Historic Areas

    An Historic Area is a neighborhood or street documented with a Massachusetts Historical Commission Area Form.

  4. National Register Districts

    The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of the American cultural resources worthy of preservation.

  5. Scenic Roads

    The Town of Weston has designated 37 roads as Scenic Roads because of their aesthetic value and historical significance to the town.

  6. Weston Cultural Resources Inventory

    The Weston Cultural Resources Inventory is maintained by the Weston Historical Commission and includes all properties located in Local Historic Districts, National Register Districts, and Historic Areas, as well as individual properties of architectural or historical interest or that contribute to the character of scenic roads or neighborhoods.

  7. Individual National Register Listings

    Find a listing of individual houses and buildings on the National Register.

1914 postcard of Drabbington Lodge