Case Campus Master Plan

Alphabet Lane Traffic Pattern Change

Effective September 5th, a new traffic pattern on Alphabet Lane when exiting the roundabout (by the Field School) will be in effect in order to ease congestion and make travel safer. Please review the graphic below for additional details. 

When exiting the roundabout, traveling uphill, Alphabet Lane will be a one-way road:

  • use the right lane if you are continuing straight to exit the campus
  • use the left lane if you are turning left to pick up at the Field School
  • traffic leaving the Field School after pickup may only turn left onto Alphabet Lane - no right turns onto Alphabet Lane. Please plan pickups at Country or Woodland schools before heading to Field School.

Campus representatives of the three schools and the Community Center will meet later in the fall to discuss the results of the new traffic pattern.

Field School Traffic Change Fall 2017

2017 Construction Impacts

Road construction within the Case Campus will begin on June 22nd and is anticipated to be completed by the end of September. The map below highlights the areas impacted by the construction, which will include temporary road closures or a change in driving direction. Signage will be installed. None of the buildings will be closed during construction.

Construction Impacts - click to enlarge

Case Campus_Construction Impacts Plan_11x17

Town Meeting Funding

A request for funding to address vehicular and pedestrian safety, as well as to regularize parking, curbing, and lighting on the campus was brought to 2017 Annual Town Meeting. This was a scaled-down version of what was brought to the 2016 Town Meeting, which received the majority support of the voters, but not the 2/3rds majority necessary to carry.

An amendment to the warrant article was approved as follows:
"Article 19 is amended to eliminate funding for the parking lot on the West Side of Alphabet Lane, to eliminate funding for the Case House connector, and to include within this funding work related to traffic calming for the library driveway, all as shown on Figure 1."

The total appropriation approved under this amendment was $1,150,000

Amended work area


Proposed work area (Town Meeting request)

pkg4_v2017 impacted areas

2017 Annual Town Meeting Request

School Street driveway entrance/exit to campus


  • Paving, curbs, sidewalks, safety level (minimum) lighting
  • Easing of two curves for 2-way and large vehicle traffic
  • Reshaping the center island to support the correct 2-way traffic flow
  • Connection to the Case House front parking lot
  • Gates at Case House entrance for traffic control

Alphabet Lane

  • Reconstruction of low stone walls on Alphabet Lane adjacent to Field School parking islands

Completing the original design for the Case Estates parking lot

  • Uniform porous paving of the existing stalls and the upper grass portion of the lot, matching the existing paved isle
  • Relocating the opening in the rock wall for better traffic flow

Public Library entrance and sidewalks

  • Trimming and reshaping of the central island
  • Replacement of deteriorating sidewalks and curbs

Community Center

  • Repair and replacement of selected sidewalks and curbing near the Council on Aging entrance
  • Repair of sidewalk near the entrance to the Recreation Center

Removed from Project

  • Wellesley Street intersection reconfiguration
  • Significant landscaping, including large specimen trees, shrubs, plants, and tall meadow grass
  • Legacy walking trail
  • Site benches
  • Overlook viewing area by Case Estates woods
  • Gazebo overlook on top of storage shed

Added to Projec

  • Replace additional granite curbing and sidewalks at Public Library
  • Extend sidewalk replacement in front of Council on Aging
  • Repair sidewalk in front of Recreation Center entrance
  • Reconstruct stone walls on Alphabet Lane adjacent to Field School parking