Case Campus Master Plan

2017 Annual Town Meeting Request

A request for funding to address vehicular and pedestrian safety, as well as to regularize parking, curbing, and lighting on the campus will be brought to May Town Meeting. This is a scaled-down version of what was brought to Town Meeting last year and includes:

  • Pedestrian safety and accessibility
    • complete pathways
    • reduce traffic & parking crossings
  • Adequate parking, with safe access
    • minimize mud and grass parking
    • sidewalks
    • appropriate down lighting
  • Public safety access
  • Traffic flow improvements

A presentation from the March 15th Board of Selectmen meeting is available below. It outlines the project in more detail. Changes in this request from last year's request include:

Removed from Project

  • Wellesley St. intersection configuration
  • Significant landscaping, including large specimen trees, shrubs, plants, and tall meadow grass
  • Legacy walking trail
  • Site benches
  • Overlook viewing area by Case Estates woods
  • Gazebo overlook on top of storage shed

Added to Projec

  • Replacing additional granite curbing and sidewalks at Public Library
  • Ramp to rear of Case House
  • Extend sidewalk replacement in front of Council on Aging

Package 4 - Presentation

The scope of the project was voted on and approved by the Case Campus Master Plan Committee before it was disbanded. These campus modifications were presented and approved by various Town committees, including the Board of Selectmen, Planning Board, and Historical Commission.

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proposed site plan CCMP