Active Boards, Committees & Commissions

  1. Affordable Housing Trust

    The Weston Affordable Housing Trust was established to preserve and increase moderate and low-income housing consistent with the Town's interests.

  2. Agricultural Commission

    The main purpose of the Agricultural Commission is to administer the Town’s Farm Preservation By-law.

  3. Board of Assessors

    The Board of Assessors is a 5-member, elected board, which is responsible for estimating the fair market value of all real property in Weston.

  4. Board of the Council on Aging

    This Board guides and directs the programs and initiatives of the Council on Aging/Senior Center.

  5. Board of Health

    The Board of Health is responsible for the promotion and protection of public health through education and enforcement of environmental, public, medical and mental health laws and regulations.

  6. Board of Library Trustees

    The Library Trustees are elected for 3-year terms to determine library policy, appoint the Director, submit budget requests, and oversee the expenditure of funds.

  7. Board of Registrars of Voters

    As required by Massachusetts General Law, a Board of Registrars of Voters consisting of the Town Clerk and 3 other persons are appointed by the selectmen for the term of 3 years.

  8. Board of Selectmen

    The Board of Selectmen represents the executive branch of Town Government acts as the Town's primary policy making body for a wide variety of issues affecting service delivery, finance and development.

  9. Cable Advisory Committee

    The Cable Advisory Committee monitors the cable license arrangements with providers to the town, schools, and town subscribers of data and video transmission services, and it advises the Board of Selectmen on these matters.

  10. Commissioners of Trust Funds

    The Commissioners of Trust Funds develop investment philosophy and strategy for the investment of securities held in the town’s various trust funds.

  11. Community Preservation Committee

    The Community Preservation Committee is charged with studying the needs, possibilities, and resources of the Town regarding community preservation and with making recommendations to Town Meeting regarding the appropriation of CPA funds.

  12. Conservation Commission

    The Weston Conservation Commission is responsible for the protection and management of Weston’s natural resources and the administration of the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act.

  13. Crescent Street Historic District Commission

    The Crescent Street Historic District Commission is charged with review of proposed exterior modifications of structures and other features located within the district.

  14. Elderly Housing Committee

    The Elderly Housing Committee is responsible for overseeing the management and operation of the Brook School Apartments.

  15. Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee advises the Board of Selectmen and town voters on financial matters, including the budget and departmental spending, and on all warrant articles involving the expenditure of taxpayer money including borrowing.

  16. Historical Commission

    The Weston Historical Commission is responsible for the preservation of the Town's historic and architectural heritage.

  17. Josiah Smith Tavern & Old Library Working Group

    The purpose of the Working Group is to facilitate and coordinate Town efforts to redevelop the Josiah Smith Tavern and Old Library.

  18. MBTA Advisory Board

    The Advisory Board provides public oversight and technical assistance and information on behalf of the 175 community members and transit riding public.

  19. Measurers of Lumber

    Measurers of Lumber, in modern terms, inspect and measure firewood and bark brought into the town for sale to insure the correct quantity and grade.

  20. Memorial Day Committee

    The Memorial Day Committee is appointed annually by the Moderator to plan, implement and oversee Memorial Day activities.

  21. Metropolitan Area Planning Council

    The Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) is the regional planning agency serving the people who live and work in the 101 cities and towns of Metropolitan Boston.

  22. MetroWest Regional Collaborative

    MWRC serves as a think tank and advocates for locally initiated regional solutions to policy and planning challenges shared by MetroWest communities.

  23. MetroWest Regional Transit Authority Board

    The mission of the MetroWest Regional Transit Authority Board is to build a public transportation system to deliver convenient and dependable service that enhances mobility, environmental quality and economic vitality in the region.

  24. Moderator

    See more information on the town's moderator and the duties this position performs.

  25. Open Space & Recreation Plan Committee

    Committee members will be asked to contribute content and feedback, assist with gathering public input, and review drafts throughout the process of updating the Open Space and Recreation Plan.

  26. Permanent Building Committee

    The Permanent Building Committee is responsible for oversight and management of the construction, reconstruction, major alteration, or enlargement of all municipal and school buildings.

  27. Planning Board

    The Planning Board is responsible for the review of land division as well as review of specific development proposals.

  28. Public Spaces Committee

    The Public Spaces Committee is charged with mapping the location of all major traffic islands within the town and developing guidelines for the design, plant selection, layout and maintenance of individual traffic island beautification projects.

  29. Rail Trail Advisory Committee

    This committee is responsible for reviewing the three mile stretch of the abandoned Mass Central Rail Line in Weston to accommodate the multiple uses of Weston's trail system and how it will connect with neighboring towns.

  30. Recreation Commission

    The Recreation Commission oversees the Recreation Department, which develops and operates a variety of recreational programs for residents in the town of all ages.

  31. Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee

    The purpose of this committee is to develop and maintain a 10-year Master Plan for the Town of Weston for the creation, use and maintenance of fields and facilities to be used for recreational purposes.

  32. School Committee

    The School Committee establishes the budget, develops educational policy, and hires the superintendent for the Weston Public Schools.

  33. Solar Photovoltaic Panels Exploratory Committee

    One of the obligations of being a Green Community is to reduce the overall energy consumption of municipal departments and schools by 20% within 5 years, leading to the need for this committee.

  34. Stormwater Permitting Authority

    The Stormwater Permitting Authority is responsible for administering, implementing and enforcing the Stormwater and Erosion Control By-Law.

  35. Town Center Planning Committee

    The Town Center Planning Committee shall consider natural gas and electrical power infrastructure, lighting, paving, pedestrian safety and traffic, parking, and mitigation of construction impact, and such other related issues as may arise.

  36. Traffic & Sidewalk Committee

    The Traffic and Sidewalk Committee (TSC) is created to provide the Board of Selectmen with planning responses to specific issues and periodic evaluation of and recommendations regarding roadway improvements and changes, traffic calming measures, signals, and more.

  37. Tree Advisory Group

    The Weston Tree Advisory Group (TAG) has been appointed by the Selectmen to promote community tree health, in coordination with the Tree Warden and local and state agencies.

  38. Weston Alternative Voting Exploratory Committee

    The fact-finding committee is charged with following up on recommendations to explore alternative voting methods for Town Meeting.

  39. Weston Cultural Council

    The Weston Cultural Council is charged with distributing money in the form of grants allotted to the town by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency supporting the arts, humanities, and sciences.

  40. Weston Emergency Reserve Corps

    Peruse agendas and minutes from meetings held by the Weston Emergency Reserve Corps.

  41. West Suburban Veterans' District

    Check out agendas and minutes for the meetings of this group.

  42. Weston Veterans' Memorial Educational Fund

    The Weston Veterans Memorial Educational Fund, previously known as the Weston War Memorial Educational Fund, was established by vote of the Town Meeting on March 23, 1953, in honor of those who have served our country.

  43. Zoning Board of Appeals

    The Zoning By-Laws provide for certain building requirements, and it is the role of the Board of Appeals to determine whether relief from these regulations is warranted in certain situations.