1. Engineering

    The Engineering Division is responsible for the implementation of the capital improvements program for the Department of Public Works, including water, roadway and drainage, system improvements, stormwater inspections, and assistance to various other department and boards.

  2. Geographic Information Systems

    The GIS Division manages the day to day operation of the new Geographic Information System (GIS), and assists the Town Engineer with construction inspections, permit compliance, as well as other projects.

  3. Highway/Stormwater

    The Highway Division is responsible for the maintenance and care of the roads and sidewalks in Town as well as all street signage, guardrails and pavement markings.

  4. Parks & Cemeteries

    The primary responsibility of the Parks and Cemeteries staff is the care, maintenance, and operation of the town’s cemeteries.

  5. Solid Waste & Recycling

    This division handles trash disposal and recycling services, as well as donations of items for local charities.

  6. Water Division

    The Water Division is responsible for supplying water to approximately 3,600 customers in the Town of Weston.