Community Health

  1. Community Resources

    Access helpful information regarding head lice, influenza, and more.

  2. Informational Videos on Mosquito Bite Prevention

    Find helpful videos on mosquito bit prevention practices.

  3. Informational Videos on Tick Bite Prevention

    Access helpful videos on preventing tick bites.

  4. Mosquito & Arbovirus Information

    Access mosquito and arbovirus prevention tips.

  5. The Middlesex Tick Task Force

    Most Weston residents know of a family member, friend, or neighbor who has been treated for 1 of the 3 tick-borne diseases that are becoming widespread in our area.

  6. Sharps Disposal Information

    Find information for proper disposal of needles and syringes.

  7. Tick & Lyme Disease Information

    The following websites provide more resources for information on tick-borne diseases.

  8. Training Videos for Flu Clinic Volunteers

    View helpful training videos for flue clinic volunteers.

  9. Wellness Resource Guide 2009 (PDF)

    The Wellness Resource Guide was prepared by the Weston Community Health Coalition.

  10. Bats and Rabies Information