Assessors' Office

Assessors' Office Updates

Monthly the Assessors' Office updates all property ownerships according to the recorded deed transactions which we receive in the next month from the Registry of Deeds and yearly updates over 4,000 parcels in Weston. Additionally, please refer to the Registry of Deeds website at the Mass. Land Records for Southern Middlesex for all recorded deeds and real estate transactions for both current records even up to today or as far back as the calendar year 1974.

Massachusetts Department of Revenue Mandate

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) mandates that every city / town fully update its property assessments each fiscal year to reflect the current fair market value. The updated property assessments are submitted to the DOR each fiscal year for their review and approval before Weston’s tax rate can be set by the town’s Board of Selectmen. Every 5 years the DOR audits the Board of Assessors records and procedures for certification. The DOR’s last certification of the Board of Assessors records and procedures was done in Fiscal Year 2015.

Assessors' Office Responsibilities

In addition to the real property valuations, the Assessors’ Office maintains records on taxable personal property and motor vehicles excise tax files. All applications for deferrals, personal exemptions, community preservation exemptions, and abatement requests for real property, personal property, and motor vehicle excise taxes can be obtained from and must be filed with the Assessors’ Office.

Fiscal Year Tax Rate

The fiscal year tax rate for 2018 is $12.51 for all properties. For more information, please visit the Tax Rate History page.

Fiscal Assessments & Property Valuations