2017 Special Town Meeting

Tuesday, November 28th at 7:00 p.m. - Weston High School Auditorium (444 Wellesley Street)

  • Please allow enough time for parking and checking in. Electronic voting will be in use, so please allow time to receive your handset (more information below)
  • New to Town Meeting? Learn more here 
  • Only residents registered to vote in Weston may participate in Town Meeting. Check your status here
  • Not registered to vote in Weston? Easily register online or in person (in the Town Clerk's office in Town Hall). The deadline is Nov. 17th to register to vote at the Special Town Meeting
  • The warrant will be mailed to all households mid-November and is also available online

Special Town Meeting Warrant (PDF)


Know the Issues

Article Info/Public Meeting Additional Info
1 - Weston Art & Innovation Center/Old Library Construction Funds 10/23 CPC Public Hearing - watch online (mm 43:25)
Nov. 8 & 15 - 2:00 p.m. at the Library
LWV coffee: Nov. 18th - 11:00 a.m. at the Library
CPA Application
2 - Warren Avenue Housing 10/23 CPC Public Hearing - watch online (mm 1:44:25) CPA Application
3 - Rail Trail Design Funds 10/23 CPC Public Hearing - watch online (mm :50) CPA Application
4 - Repair/Preserve Cattle Passes 10/23 CPC Public Hearing - watch online (mm 34:05) CPA Application
5 - Farmers' Burial Ground & Central Cemetery Restoration 10/23 CPC Public Hearing - watch online (mm 1:25:45) see warrant
6 & 7 - Amend Zoning By-law and General By-law: Prohibit Recreational Marijuana Establishments Public Hearing - Nov. 1 at 7:00 p.m. see warrant
8 - Authorize Land Swap   see warrant
Consent Agenda: 9 - 13
9 - Amend FY18 Operating Budget
10 - Appropriate Retained Earnings, Water Enterprise Budget
11 - Amend FY18 Recreation Enterprise Budget
12 - Rescind Bond Authorization
13 - Application of Bond Premium
  see warrant
14 - Citizens' Petition: Resolution/Impeach Trump Oct. 26 League of Women Voters - watch online see warrant

Voting Electronically

During the May 2017 Annual Town Meeting, Weston citizens approved an article amending Article I of the General By-laws to allow the use of electronic, hand-held devices for voting at Town Meetings. Instead of using placards or standing to be counted, voters will now use electronic handsets to register their votes.

As with previous Town Meetings, voters will check-in to be confirmed, but can use any check-in station rather than lining up alphabetically by last name. As you check-in, you will be issued a handset for your exclusive use during Town Meeting. Please remember to allow enough time to check-in and to receive your handset before the start of Town Meeting. The handset requires approximately 10 minutes to sync-up before it is able to cast a vote.

A practice vote will be taken in order to get participants comfortable with the new technology.

EV handset

Electronic Voting Procedure

  • When voters arrive at check-in, they will receive a handset that is on and ready for their exclusive use
  • The Moderator will announce when it is time to vote and a light in the front of the auditorium will illuminate for 30-seconds to indicate the voting period
  • To vote YES, press the "1" button; to vote NO, press the "2" button; to abstain, do not press anything; if you pressed 1 or 2 and would rather abstain, press the "3" button to clear the vote
  • If you need to change your vote during the 30-second period, simply press 1 or 2. The device will record the last number pressed
  • A help desk will be available if you encounter a problem with your handset
  • If you cannot use the handset, please let staff know so they can accommodate you
  • Instructions will be available at Town Meeting and a practice vote will be taken

Additional information is available in the Electronic Voting User Guide (PDF)