2017 Annual Town Election

The Annual Town Caucus was held on  March 6th. The following is a list of caucus nominees who will appear on the Town Election ballot in May. If you are interested in running for an elected office in 2017, but did not attend the caucus, you may take out nomination papers with the Town Clerk. Signatures of at least 50 registered Weston voters must be collected and the papers must be filed no later than March 20th. Call 781-786-5010 to speak with the Clerk's Office for more information.
Office Seat Term Candidate
vote for one
one year Tom Crane, incumbent
Board of Selectmen
vote for one
three years Harvey Boshart
Board of Assessors
vote for two
three years Tamilyn Levin, incumbent
John Hennessey
School Committee
vote for one
three years Danielle Black, incumbent
Tricia Liu
Recreation Commission
vote for three
three years Elly Pendergast, incumbent
Xingsheng Zhu, incumbent
Eric Rosenthal
Planning Board
vote for one
five years Stephen Oppenheimer, incumbent
Board of Library Trustees
vote for two
three years Joseph Mullin, incumbent
Julie Panagakos, incumbent
Board of Health
vote for one
three years David Kominz, incumbent
Commissioners of Trust Funds
vote for one
three years Ann Morgan
Measurers of Lumber
vote for three
one year Jim Barry, incumbent
Sandy Kendall
Mike Nurczynski