Affordable Housing

The Town has had some success in bringing affordable, mixed-family housing options to Weston, and Town Meeting has consistently approved funding for different affordable housing projects, as well as approving the establishment of the Weston Affordable Housing Trust. As the demand for mixed housing options and affordable housing increases, Weston is in a position to catch up. 

The Board of Selectmen began the process of meeting the demand and encouraging greater diversity in Weston’s housing stock by pursuing a Housing Production Plan, which was approved by the state last year. This plan outlines strategies for Weston to increase its affordable housing under its terms and needs rather than being subject to developments that bypass the Town's  Zoning By-laws and stated policies and preferences for affordable housing.

One of the strategies is for Weston to partner with a developer and enter into a "friendly" 40B process. By partnering with a developer, Weston can avoid assuming the full cost of developing on its own. This route has proven successful for Weston in the past with partnership developments at Winter Gardens, Dickson Meadow, 809-811 Boston Post Road, 680 South Avenue, and Highland Meadows.

Weston has also had success pursuing its own development of housing, starting in 1980 with the Brook School Apartments and most recently with the re-purposed municipal buildings on Warren Avenue. And of course, partnering with the non-profits Weston Affordable Housing Foundation Inc (6 units) and Weston Community Housing (62 units) has provided Weston with more opportunities to increase available options.

Learn more about what the MGL 40B entails and what Weston is doing to meet its requirements by following the links below:
  1. 40B Introduction

    A quick primer about the state's affordable housing law and how it affects Weston

    Link to page
  2. Affordable Housing Needs and Strategy

    The study and report on Weston's affordable housing needs, which help outline the housing production goals

    Link to page
  3. Housing Production Plan

    Weston’s state-approved plan is in the care of the Affordable Housing Trust. Read the document online.

    Link to page
  4. Current Proposals

    Learn more about the different housing development proposals that are currently in Town.

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Additional Information

Friendly 40Bs in town:
Warren Avenue - municipal buildings repurposed as affordable housing by the Affordable Housing Trust
Weston Affordable Housing Foundation Inc - a local non-profit that works in partnership with Weston. Recent past projects include Pine Street and Viles Street