Field 1 Work

The current artificial turf field (Field #1) was constructed in 2008 with funds privately raised by a generous Weston community. The expectation was that future maintenance would be the responsibility of the Town. 

The photo to the right shows broken down turf fibers and the loose infill visible on the top.
turf pic.jpg

Field 1 Carpet Replacement

The “carpet” on synthetic turf fields has a life span from 8-10 years based on usage, maintenance and the environment. The “infill” material underneath is expected to last twice as long. Our field has been used extensively. The carpet has performed well and is at its end of life. We plan to replace the Field #1 surface as part of the Proctor Field Renovations. 

Impact Testing: G-max Values

The working group is evaluating the condition of the current infill material, and expects to be adding a shock pad under both fields to help reduce concussions. The field is tested regularly for its shock-absorption capability. When the field was installed, the field had an average g-max value of 116.5. In May 2016, the field had an average g-max value of 172.7. Fields will naturally get harder over time, and areas with heavier use will need routine maintenance to compensate for this. We believe the significant usage and g-max testing data support the need for a new carpet and a shock pad underneath the field.

Project Cost

The working group currently estimates that the cost of replacing the Field 1 carpet and adding permanent lines and a shock pad underneath the field will cost between $550,000 to $600,000.  A key variable in the cost will be whether the current infill material is reused, or removed and replaced.

Field 1 Resurfacing Design (PDF)