Design Process & Scope

At May 2016 Town Meeting, $325,000 was appropriated for design work. These design fees were based on an estimated total project cost of $3.9 million. This estimate did not include the replacement cost for the Field 1 carpet. The working group currently estimates that the cost of replacing the Field 1 carpet and adding permanent lines and a shock pad underneath the field will cost between $550,000 to $600,000.  A key variable in the cost will be whether the current infill material is reused, or removed and replaced. 

Design Work

The School Committee is in contract with Activitas of Dedham, Mass. for the design phase of the project. The design includes: 
  • a new rubberized track surface 
  • a new synthetic turf multipurpose field 
  • a new sports lighting system 
  • a new concession/bathroom facility 
  • a sports wall (funding approved at Spring 2015 Town Meeting) 
  • updated ADA-compliant access around the facility 
  • resurfacing of the existing turf field (Field #1) 
Map of Existing Conditions (PDF)
WHS Track and Field: Proposed Condition (PDF)

The School Committee is working with Town staff, consultants, and the public to gather input and prepare the project for bidding in advance of Town Meeting, which begins May 8, 2017. If the construction funds request is approved by a two-thirds majority of voters at Town Meeting, construction is anticipated to begin around July 1, 2017 and be completed sometime in the fall of 2017.

Working Committee

The Proctor Field Steering Committee was formed by the School Committee, and includes a member of the School Committee, the Town’s Fields & Grounds Coordinator, the school Athletic Director, a member of the Weston Boosters, the President of Weston Youth Lacrosse, the High School Principal, and the Superintendent. Four of the steering committee members are also members of the Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee. 

The Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee, also known as the Field Steering Committee, includes representation from the Town, schools, Recreation Commission, youth soccer, lacrosse and baseball, as well as three at-large members. The committee’s official charge is available on the Town’s website at

Key Reasons for the Renovation

  • An artificial turf surface does not need to rest, and can be played on when it’s wet. This will increase usage of our existing field space and reduce sports cancellations for weather reasons 
  • Current use is limited to 19 varsity soccer and football games in the fall, and 2 varsity lacrosse games in the spring. Community and youth group use is minimal 
  • An artificial field will also allow for more frequent resting of our natural grass fields and protect our investment in this important community resource 
  • An artificial surface does not need to be watered, mowed or fertilized. Water use on recreational fields costs money and puts strain on town water supplies 
  • A new track will protect the safety of our athletes and community users 
  • New lights are more energy efficient and will direct light only on the field, rather than on the surrounding fields and neighborhood 
  • New lights will allow more play hours on the field, especially during the late afternoon and early evening. This will be increasingly important if the Weston Public Schools follow the national trend to shift school start times later in the day 
  • New, accessible bathrooms will eliminate the use of portable toilets 
  • The new concession stand will enhance the utility and appeal of the complex 
  • The bleachers on the visitors’ side of the field are in poor condition and need to be stabilized 
  • While the all-in costs of an artificial turf field will be higher than grass, the utilization increase enabled by the artificial surface has significant intangible benefits to the community 

Current Conditions

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