Proctor Track & Field Renovation

The 2017 Annual Town Meeting approved construction funds for a major renovation of the High School track and Proctor Field complex. The project includes:
  • a new all-weather track 
  • a new multipurpose synthetic turf field on Proctor 
  • a new sports lighting system 
  • a sports wall 
  • a new concessions building with bathrooms and storage
  • the replacement of the carpet on the existing artificial turf field (Field #1) 

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The installation of impact pads under both artificial surfaces will help reduce the risk of concussions.  Walkway and lighting improvements will also be made on the approach to the field through Pastor Park that will make the facility handicap accessible.

Project Timetable

Construction bids have been received and work is expected to start in June or July.  The Field 1 resurfacing should be completed before fall sports start in August.  The track and Proctor project construction is expected to continue into the fall sports season.  We are hopeful that construction could be finished in time to host some late-season fall games, but we should know more once construction has begun.

Reasons for the Renovation

Accommodate Multiple Uses

Use of Proctor Field has been restricted to varsity football and soccer games in order to preserve a quality grass playing field. To continue maximizing the use of existing facilities, the School Committee and Recreation Master Plan Steering Committee recommended the installation of a multipurpose synthetic turf surface for Proctor Field. 

The current artificial turf surface on Field #1 at the High School has proven very successful and supports HS/MS boys and girls soccer and lacrosse, girls field hockey, and many local youth and adult sports teams. Converting Proctor Field to a synthetic turf field will substantially increase the availability of these fields for games, practice sessions, and community use.

Benefits of Artificial Turf

Artificial turf fields do not require watering, fertilizing or mowing, and they do not attract geese. These fields are available for play during and after rain and result in fewer weather cancellations for the multiple teams.


The current lights on the field were installed in 1994 and do not sufficiently light the field.  They also cast unnecessary light and glare well beyond the field, which is unfriendly to neighbors and the environment.  

New lights will allow more play hours on the field, especially during the late afternoon and early evening.  This will be increasingly important if the Weston Public Schools follow the national trend to shift school start times later in the day.

Concession & Facilities

The current concessions building was donated in 1989 and will be rebuilt as part of the project. The Town has received a generous offer by a donor to cover a large portion of the materials costs for the new concessions, bathroom, and storage building.  

The main bleachers are in good shape and do not need renovation. 

The 2015 Town Meeting approved $75,000 to design and build a sports wall at Weston High School.  This 16’ wall will be constructed as part of the Proctor project.

Field 1

The current artificial turf field (Field #1) was constructed in 2008 with funds privately raised by a generous Weston community. The expectation was that future maintenance would be the responsibility of the town.  The “carpet” on synthetic turf fields has a life span from 8-10 years based on usage, maintenance, and the environment. The “infill” material underneath is expected to last twice as long.  Our field has been used extensively and the carpet has performed well but it is at its end of life.