Friendly 40Bs

Concept Proposal - Boston Properties: 133 Boston Post Road

Boston Properties has presented a potential housing development concept for the Biogen Idec/Monster site at 133 Boston Post Road. This is an early concept that has been discussed with the Planning Board, Housing Trust, Board of Selectmen, and School Committee. The concept is for rental units with 25% set aside at the 80% area mean income (AMI). This project would help Weston meet its 10% affordable housing requirement and would help meet the housing needs and strategies identified in the Housing Production Plan.

Boston Properties is looking for a friendly process and wants to work with the Town. The Selectmen have signed a First Amendment to the 2008 Declaration of Restrictions with Boston Properties. This document provides conditional support for further investigation into this concept and specifies that school, traffic and financial impact studies must be conducted. Currently, traffic studies are being conducted as Boston Properties reviews access routes.  The Selectmen have also signed an initial letter of support that is being used by Boston Properties as a part of its site approval application to  Mass Housing (below). This is an administrative piece to a larger process and the project will continue through the public process.